Ionospheric War

Last summer, when there had managed to disperse over Moscow and wildfires not even thought faded, there were already various "professionals" and "experts" who, they claimed, they know the cause of the heat. And the reason for this — the vicious intentions of the Yankees, who have entrenched themselves in Alaska and the influence of the weather through a set of HAARP. Teetering on the brink of conspiracy, these same experts have argued that high-frequency Active Auroral The program of research (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program — HAARP) is essentially no relation to the northern lights, etc. has, as its real goal — to control climate for military purposes.

You can recognize these people — HAARP classified under the full program there: not every scientist engaged in the ionosphere, has access to a set of disk imaging. In addition, the radiation power HAARP antennas according to some estimates exceed the figure of 3.5 MW, frankly, it's much much. So the appointment of a military version of the complex was completely right to appear.

What is curious, 2010 year was not the first culprit when weather problems of American researchers announced. First, the 2000s a group of deputies of the State Duma accused the Russian HAARP in floods in Europe. In this case, only the statements did not stop there — after negotiations, consultations, etc. deputies sent an appeal to President Putin, demanding to initiate an investigation against HAARP at the UN level. But then the administration of President paper has not gone that only added fuel to the conspiracy fire. Then the deputy commander Gallakticheskimi Force General Vladimir Popovkin, has sent a letter to the State Duma, in what was said about the ability of Chertovskikh consequences of global scale in the case of inaccurate and incorrect appeal with the upper layers of the atmosphere.

In 2008 the book was published Yu Bobylova "Genetic bomb. Hidden knowledge-based bio-terrorism scenarios. " It creator claims that the earthquake December 26, 2006 did not happen by itself, by an impartial seismological reasons, and because of the impact of the same system HAARP. In addition to the impact on the climate Bobilev accused the complex from Alaska in the ability to turn off your radio, disrupt the electrical equipment, cause of the tragedy on the communications. Also in the book there are statements regarding the ability of the HAARP as psychotronic weapons. Already creepy, huh? But that's not all "sins» HAARP. According to the views of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the Sichuan earthquake in 2008 and Haiti in 2010, also came not by the will of nature.

If you succumb to panic and believe the citizens of the above, it is possible to fall into hysterics on the theme "We will wash away all the showers and zatryasut earthquakes, but we can not answer anything!". But if you look at the foreign press, it can be concluded that the Russian Federation has something to respond to the dangers of HAARP.

Accommodation HAARP stations in the world.
USA / Alaska 62 ° 23'29 .66 "N, 145 ° 06'58 .47" W
National MST Radar Facility NMRF Andra Pradesh, India 13 ° 27'26 .68 "N, 79 ° 10'30 .74" E
Jicamarca Radio Observatory Lima, Peru 11 ° 57'6 "S, 76 ° 52'27" W
Jindalee Operational Radar Network JORN Long Reach, Australia 23 ° 24'S, 143 ° 48'E
Leonora, Australia 28 ° 19'02 .5608 "S, 122 ° 50'36 .4416" E
Laverton, West Australia 28 ° 19'36 .29 "S, 122 ° 0'18 .84" E 23 ° 39
Tromso Norway 69 ° 39'07? N
018 ° 57'12? E
Sura Facility HAARP Like Facility Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia 56 ° 7'9 .70 "N, 46 ° 2'3 .66" E 56 ° 08'N, 46 ° 06'E …

Perhaps the most recognizable whistleblower Russian HVAC Equipment — South American meteorologist S. Stevens. It all started with his statements about the nature of hurricane "Katrina". According to the views of Stevens, New Orleans was flooded during the testing of a Russian combat climate complex. And in confirmation of his words, he cited some noise in the small waves, which, he says, and there is evidence for the existence of this very complex. Without giving the masses opamyatovatsya, Stevens issued another terrible and secret information: the Russian have learned to do more storms in 1976, and in the last years of the Russian Union of development has been sold at least 10 of the various countries and organizations. Seemingly ordinary words fighter with the "red menace", but a special piquancy to the statements of Stevens assigns the fact that the Post Gazette quoted as saying meteorologist that in the "Katrina" Our homeland is guilty. Go with it, Fox News, again in the same interview with Stevens, writing that some blame for the Japanese mafia, who takes revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Scary? Terribly curious.

More fun that Stevens is not the first. Even in the second half of the 80s in the United States began to exaggerate topic unnatural origin of drought in California 85-91 years. Yellowish and not very media said that some setting under the title "Russian Woodpecker" made disturbances in the atmosphere and not give mokrovatomu air to get to the east coast of the United States. Woodpecker some complex dubbed because of the corresponding signal which reminded knock birds. Naturally, the signal is unusual, and could mean anything. But for some unknown reason, even in the '80s, when the complication of relations between the superpowers, not even in sight, there were people who tried to raise the banner of the notorious McCarthy. So, for example, a certain character from a South American Defense Department wrote, "" Russian Woodpecker "- the most powerful source of electric light! 40 MW and 10 pulses per second! Moreover, it has an impact on our psyche! The signal comes from the Soviet Union and permeates the whole of America. His catch of electric wires, and through their signal leaking into our home! ". And the hunt to ask "Russian go, I see them!" He yelled?

South American Federal Communications Commission in 1988, is also interested in "woodpeckers" and launched an investigation. Of course, no country has a transmitter of great power, nor will it spread, if not quite classify it. Russian alliance was no exception, and the Communications Commission was obliged to seek help from the CIA. Men from Langley shared materials, "Woodpecker" was not a reddish danger, but reddish protection. By organizing native Russian "Woodpecker" 5N32 was called "Arc" and was located near the Chornobyl (Chernobyl object-2). "Doug" was over the horizon radar tracking of early launches of intercontinental missiles. With a capacity of one character from the Pentagon was wrong — "Doug" consumed "only" 10 MW, respectively, the radiation power was even less. But the size of the radar antenna offset the "lack" of power. Thus, low-frequency phased array "Dougie" has a size of about 150h400 meters, frequency and a half times less. But after the Chernobyl tragedy, "Doug" mothballed, and later removed the main components in general, and have sent them to a similar facility in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Duga "Doug"

"Russian Woodpecker" was left entirely in the form of iron structures, but the legend of his psychotronic power walking down the back streets of States to this day. On the territory of the former Russian Union of these stories were more or less extensive distribution only after the release of a computer game STALKER, in what are vaguely similar to "arc" design radar, which has the nickname "Vyzhigatel brains."

We return to the HAARP. This complex has its own antenna structure 180 (12×15 rectangle) located on an area of about 13 acres, several lidar, magnetometers and computer system. All of this equipment gets its power from a natural gas power plant and 6 diesel generators. HAARP emitters can operate at frequencies 2,7-10 MHz, but due to the fact that in this range and get some civilian frequencies, researchers are required to use in their own research papers only small bandwidth. The main method of research, "pumping" of a particular layer of the atmosphere by electric light, and the following observation of the result.

What is curious, HAARP initially created not as a research center. During the Cool War superpowers stood in front of the problem of reliable communication with submarines. Physicists at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory have proposed to keep in touch at very low frequencies, the least prone to decay than others. Later came the idea to use radio waves to enhance the so-called electrojet — charged flows in the ionosphere. HAARP, from the initial idea, and had to create these streams and to make communication with the boats. But the complex were built only in the early 90's, when the geopolitical situation has changed very much. As a consequence, the military-connected systems have postponed the appointment of a long box, and complex given scientists a "free use", albeit under the supervision of the military.

Maybe these particular facts of the biography HAARP and provoke different theories komplota around the system. According to the latest mene, relative to European EISCAT facilities and SPEAR (both located in Norway), which initially created as a purely scientific, conspiracy rumors are not strolling. But the complex "Sura", located in the Nizhny Novgorod region from time to time enters into various theories komplota, of course, in the West. Completely may be exactly what 'Sura' was referring to Stevens. But who knows exactly what he wanted to say.

The complex "Sura"

The complex "Sura" a little less HAARP: Field of 300 by 300 meters with 144 dipole antennas and three transmitters of 250 kW. The system can exude a wave in the range of 4,5-9,3 MHz. "Sura" can heat the atmosphere to altitudes of about 300 km. Employees of the complex is called a "pampered ionosferku." Administrative "Sura" belongs to Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Radio Physics, although earlier, before the collapse of the Soviet Union, participated in the project and the military. Recent wanted to get a superweapon capable of disabling enemy vehicles on the other side of the planet. On this occasion, carried out research on the ability of the creation of the "mirror" in the ionosphere, which should be reflected electrical pulse and sending it to the opponent's head. Another magnificent project — the creation of an opponent "lens", collecting, amplifying gallakticheskoe radiation and focusing it on the enemy. Third method is the introduction of military complexes, similar "Sur", was to transfer energy in any point of the planet on a certain energy electrical wiring. But atmospheric studies showed one of its feature: even for the creation of a light breeze is required to "cram" into the atmosphere so much energy, which is enough to supply the rather big town for a few days. And that's not counting the cost of energy on the "mirror", "lens" and other atmospheric wonders.

Moreover, the "Sura" and HAARP have directional antennas: because of this, even with an increase in the radiation power by orders of magnitude will disrupt communication only comparable to a small distance from the antenna. In addition, there has long been even more effective, a cheap and economical system of electronic warfare.

So now that both systems are able to except that cause the aurora borealis, though rapidly disappear after cessation of emitters. This, of course, is fine, but the practical implementation, and even more military in aurora there is not expected. So the Convention "On prohibiting the military or at least some other aggressive use of environmental modification techniques" in 1978 no one has canceled.

And yet the question remains: why in the last couple of years, frequent natural "trouble"? Occam's Razor leaves only the version on the promotion of the magnetic fields of the Earth and the Sun, also enhance the activity of the latter.

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