IR camouflage able to reincarnate into a tank car

IR camouflage able to turn the car into a tankThe company held a demonstration Eltics own unique design — infrared camouflage Black Fox. The novelty in the field of camouflage can deceive the enemy, wielding the ability to reincarnate in the infrared spectrum, for example, a truck tank or armored personnel carrier, reported

In the presented representatives of the video you can see how car Land Rover, equipped with active panels Black Fox, on the thermal image acquired silhouette of the tank. Of course, the dimensions of an SUV is slightly smaller than the armored vehicles weighing 60 tons, but it perfectly shows the ability of the new system of disguise.

The composition Black Fox includes an IR camera with a radial survey of active and radiant panels, which "draw carefully" thermal picture for the surrounding area. This allows absolutely disguise thermal radiation, which distinguishes itself tf. Naturally, the tanks are filled with engines with a capacity of 1500 hp, emit a lot of hot air, and, apparently, for they will have to use a special device to dissipate heat, similar to those for helicopters. But, despite this, disguise this type has been a real breakthrough in military affairs.

The active camouflage Black Fox can not only hide the car on the ground, and carry out a simulation of various transport, as has been shown in a new video. For example, you can significantly increase the heat dissipation for light wheeled vehicles, making them either BMP tanks. This gives great scope for tactical decisions. Group of light vehicles filled with Black Fox, can make the illusion of the tank group. Meanwhile, tanks, also kitted systems infrared camouflage, can secretly enter the real punch line. At night, when the reliable identification purposes only likely with the introduction of the Imager Black Fox can provide a harsh edge.

And not so long ago, there is evidence of the development of the next Eltics in the field of active infrared camouflage. Created one hundred percent transparent surface that can be used as a windshield for vehicles, but for all that it can do the functions of the active camouflage infrared type.

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