Iran accused of faking photos of military equipment

The American company FLIR Systems, which produces thermal imaging and aerial surveillance systems, has accused Iran of forging photos of military equipment, reports Jane's. A little earlier, Iranian agency IRNA and the Young Journalists' Club have released photos and video of the new Iranian patrol aircraft based on the An-140, which has been seen by any of its system observations with the logo FLIR Systems.

Except for the turret detector mounted between the landing gear, the Iranian agency also expressed its management and control, allegedly located inside the patrol aircraft. According to the vice-president of FLIR Systems Marketing David Strong (David Strong), shown in the photo system observation Ultra 7000, at the current time discontinued products. The structure of this system includes detectors and high-definition infrared camera.

In an interview with Jane's Strong noted that such a system has never been supplied to Iran. According to him, the Iranian photo obviously fabricated. Namely, this provides a colorful snow-white band around the system Ultra 7000, which says that the image was of poor quality cut from a different picture. "If the picture was real, in the lenses of surveillance system you would have seen the reflection of the airframe and landing gear back" — said Strong.

At the current time in Iran under international sanctions, in fact quite prohibiting global companies to supply Tehran military and dual-purpose. Meanwhile, Iran, maybe buys a number of systems and spare parts for maintenance of U.S. equipment supplied by the United States until 1979, on the black market. Namely, in June 2011, the U.S. announced that revealed an international network through which Tehran would take the engines and spare parts for helicopters AH-1 Cobra.

It must be emphasized that Iran has a license to build aircraft An-140. They are engaged in the construction of Iran company HESA, and in Iran aircraft designated as IrAn-140. Since 2001, when Ukraine sold Iran a license to build the An-140, HESA has produced 14 aircraft. In September 2010, it became clear that until 2015 Iran wants to build 30 more An-140.

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