Iran air defense battalion made up of anti-aircraft guns «Saeer».

On the day or on the web of and for long-range Iranian media disk imaging was quite exciting news — the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was adopted one of the first commercial batches of modernized standard Russian anti-aircraft gun KS-19 — 100 mm «Saeer».

At the zenith tool established a system of automatic loader, which ultimately led to the minimization of the attendants. Additionally equipped with electric servo transfer, which, in turn, is connected to the opto-electronic system to control the fire. System UO likely made on the basis of infrared parts. Store ammunition feed is placed at the guns and ammunition does not exceed 10.

The possible introduction of these tools — the defeat of the American intelligence unmanned vehicles of different performance using a height of 14 km. Against modern aircraft and modern armored vehicles of the same zenith of America tool poses no threat because it is likely to be struck before as its own radar will target.

But, overall, a very fun thing Iran increases its military muscle, though a pity that such a method. Iran not once showed their anger reconnaissance flight, maybe a couple of downed drone little cool down the hot South American heads.

The main properties of «Saeer»:
— shell weight of 16 kg;
— rate of up to 15 shots per minute;
— caliber 100 mm;
— range of defeat in height up to 15 km;
— attendants 2-4 people.

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