Iran and Hezbollah interested in new North Korean anti-ship missiles

March 30 with the terrain of the western coast of the Korean Peninsula, North Korea's army completed test launches 2-new missiles' shore-to-ship "short range.

Official Pyongyang this information has not commented.

Apparently refers to a modified version of an old Russian rocket P-15 "Termite". North Korea has already experienced in October and November of last year in the waters of yellowish sea missiles of this class.

Russian Alliance intensively engaged in export of ships and boats, armed P-15, and onshore "Frontier" in Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Yemen, Indonesia, Algeria, Syria, and the countries of the socialist camp. In addition China has produced its delivery, because the time to get a license for their establishment.

October 21, 1967, in the Egyptian-Israeli "war of attrition" in the delta of the Nile four missiles launched from the Egyptian boats Project 183-P, drowned Israeli destroyer "Eilat". For the first time in the history of self-guided cruise missiles used in combat criteria. Specifically, these missiles have given impetus to the development of anti-ship cruise missiles in the United States and other countries. In 1970, the rocket P-15, boats launched from Project 205, sunk Israeli military transport ship.
Recall that in 2006, during the second Lebanon war fighters paramilitary organization "Hezbollah" used another cruise missile (C-802 made in China) directed against the Israeli corvette 'Hanit. " Perhaps these missiles "Hezbollah" has received from Iran.

"Hezbollah" and Iran are showing great interest in the developments of the North Korean and Chinese anti-ship missiles, including the modernized Russian Koreans "termites".

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