Iran and North Koreas nuclear friendship?

The so-called international community, led by the Western media, said that the installation of all three levels of long-range missiles Pyongyang does not mean the implementation plans for the withdrawal of the scientific satellite into orbit, and the planned test intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying nuclear charge.

Added more fuel to the fire of Iran, which is the same international community is suspected of developing nuclear utilities that aimed not at medical purpose.

In the context of 2-state nuclear issue of naming carried away and the "Voice of Russia". December 5, referring to the Japanese news agency "Kyodo," corr. Vladimir Sazhin narrated that Iran sent in North Korea, a group of military professionals for joint tests of new ballistic missiles.

IRI DPRK September 1 was signed in Tehran agreement on scientific and technical cooperation.

"It is interesting and revealing subsequent fact — report to the reporter. — The North Korean nuclear programm based on the plutonium option, while the Iranian — the uranium. Naturally, the DPRK tests were carried out on the basis of plutonium. And suddenly, in 2010, the North Koreans, according to the German newspaper «Die Welt» citing a source in the U.S. intelligence tests are conducted on the basis of highly enriched uranium, which is built around the Iranian nuclear program. "

In addition, during a September visit to the North Korean delegation to Tehran, the Iranian supreme favorite of Ayatollah Khamenei, continues the correspondent of "The Voice of Russia", said that "the two countries, despite pressure and sanctions by the aggressive forces to achieve our goals."

Goals! And both are very nervous about the West, the United States first. What are the common goals they can put? Against whom may be friends? ..

To be clear, the spiritual favorite Iran said that the two countries have "Common enemies."

"The Islamic Republic of Iran and North Korea have common enemies, because the arrogant powers do not accept-independent states", — said Khamenei.

The agency "Reuters" led a list of areas of Korean-Iranian cooperation: in research, student exchanges and the creation of joint laboratories in the field of information technology, engineering, biotechnology, renewable energy, environmental protection, sustainable development, agriculture, etc.

Now Iran's military experts headed for something to North Korea — just the other day, a long-range missile launch.

And the press was born, another "bomb".

According disk imaging «Kyodo News» (obviously referring to the "western diplomatic sources"), the Iranian mission to the DPRK is of four professionals — not that of the Ministry of Defense of Iran, not that of the armed forces, not some other representatives with the necessary business know firsthand.

This team of professionals will be located at a military facility — approximately 85 miles from the North Korean border with China. It is also reported that two professionals happen to work in DPRK tirelessly since the end of October. And cooperation is related to the implementation of programs from September 1. It is believed that the two countries signed an additional document: on 2-pages there is provided in the continued stationing of North Korea, the Iranian mission.

The command controls specifically Ahmad Vahidi, the head of Iran's Ministry of Defense. And the people of the team is not allowed to have any contact with Iranian diplomats in North Korea.

Source Japanese edition said that Iran needs the help of North Korea in areas such as the separation of the air and ballistic missile warheads, and North Korea, Iran requires expertise in the civilian construction.

Journalist Jeffrey Lewis tried to understand — and where it is, in fact, only 85 kilometers away? Why 85 instead of 90, from 100? 86 or not?

Joe Bermudez, who is referred to a journalist, believes that the only place of learning can be a strategic North Korean Nodong missile in part, where it is understood including the training center. In general, there is no evidence of this.

So Makar, the Japanese information very much looks for another stuffing, designed to frighten the world society Communist nuclear threat, started by Kim Jong Ynom with the famous revolutionary Ahmadinejad. Scared not only Europe and the U.S., and China — because it is close to the border. But most of all, seems to be afraid of Japan.

Convened in Washington on tripartite consultations Japan, USA and South Korea have discussed the likely steps in response to the plans of the North Korean missile launch. The Deputy Governor of the press service of the U.S. State Department Mark Toner said to journalists at a press conference that the owner of the tripartite meeting was special representative of the U.S. administration to North Korea Glyn Davies. To him came the heads of delegations of the Republic of Korea and the land of the rising sun in the negotiations on North Korea's Lim Song Nam Shinsuke Sugiyama.

On the question of whether this meeting was planned before the Saturday ads Pyongyang's intention to bring into space observation satellite, Toner replied negatively. When asked to clarify, does this mean that the meeting was held "in response to the announcement," Pyongyang, Toner said a short "yes."

Recognizable analyst Gordon Chang does not fluctuate that the North Koreans have found a common language with the Iranians. After all, Tehran needs in the launch vehicle being developed for its own warheads, and the North Koreans need to conduct a successful missile test — to show their clients the best services.

As noted by the expert for more than 10 years of cooperation are closely Pyongyang and Tehran have realized that essentially can be called a joint missile applets. Iranian observers, for example, were present in all four North Korean long-range missile launches — in 1998, 2006, 2009., Also in April.

Because professional does not hit that Iran's "Shahab-3" was based on the North Korean missiles.

Iran implies Chang, or the North Korean program from funding or acquire missiles from North Korea. Support for Tehran's just explains how impoverished North Korea has the means to costly military applets.

Scheduled for day or missile test, says the expert, will take place on Korean soil, "but we have to constantly think about Iran."

Meanwhile, the Municipal Department of the United States in the face spokesperson Victoria Nuland condemned plan to launch a rocket. It has been said about the dangers of provoking the Asia-Pacific region, a violation of resolution respective resolutions of the United Nations, which forbade Pyongyang to carry out tests.

A Pentagon spokesman George Little said:

"North Korea must comply with its international obligations under UN Security Council resolutions that clearly define what it can and can not do with regard to missile technology."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Seoul called the move a &qu
ot;serious provocation."

As for the land of the rising sun, the December 6, three destroyers naval defense forces — "Meco", "Congo" and "Teka" — headed from the port of Nagasaki, a military base in the East China Sea and Japan to intercept North Korean missile or its fragments. Destroyers equipped radar tracking system "Aegis" missile intercept and SM3. Their task — to follow the flight of the rocket and shoot it or its pieces, if it deviates from the course.

Also in the land of the rising sun over transfer complexes to the south of the country «Patriot» (RAS3). They are located on the peninsula of Ishigaki, also at a military base in the capital city of Naha in Okinawa on a secondary basis in Nanzen Tynan, Miyakodzima based on the eponymous peninsula, 300 km south-west of the island of Okinawa. Three RAS3 be located in Tokyo.

NATO has also expressed concern in connection with plans to make North Korea launched a ballistic missile.

"Such a test would be a direct violation of resolutions 1718 and 1874 the UN Security Council. It will increase the tension in the region and further destabilize the situation on the Korean peninsula "- noted in a statement released by the alliance.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation urged North Korean government to "immediately reconsider its decision to launch a rocket," and Russian media released statements by senior sources in the Defense Ministry that the Russian system of missile warning will watch the flight of the missile, and if different from the course of her Russian air defense forces intercepted her also not allow debris to fall terrain of.

The three-stage ballistic rocket will be launched in the first half of the day or time of the Korean Peninsula from 10 to 22 December and will fly to the south. Under the plan, the first of the stages should fall into the sea off the west coast of South Korea, the second — in the Pacific Ocean, east of the Philippines.

The whole world is waiting with trepidation future trials. Now only the end of the world, scheduled for December 21, slightly detracts from the International Society for Korean-Iranian threat …

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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