Iran and Our homeland: a common position on the Syrian crisis

Ali Akbar Salehi, the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs, publicly endorsed the efforts of the Russian Federation to prevent foreign intervention in Syria. Islamic politician said that due to a busy Moscow and Beijing, the position of the UN Security Council from now ceased to be a "weapon of intimidation directed against the non-Western countries."

4th February 2012, China and Our homeland rezolyutsionny blocked the project include a plan for the gradual removal Bashar al-Assad of presidential power in Syria. Of the fifteen members of the Security Council in support of the document were thirteen. In other words, only Our homeland and China voted "against."

Russian decision to support the Syrian government has caused a backlash in Europe. The French president is also accused Russia of pandering to the actions of Damascus. Sarkozy described these acts as ruthless.

Armed clashes supporters and enemies of Bashar Assad in Syria do not stop on the 15th March 2011. For a long time the confrontation, according to the UN, killing five thousand people. In general, Damascus Other causes fatalities — less than 2-thousand (RIA "News").

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