Iran and September 11

A decade from the time of the most famous series of terrorist attacks in the recent history of mankind. In the end, they killed hundreds of people and were unleashed brand new Afghan and Iraqi wars.

At the current time the Western world is not averse to use this occasion against the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). So, on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks September 11, 2001 English edition of The Times published an interview with the principle of ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair, which the currently holds the post of Special Representative of the Quartet mediators in the peace process in the Middle East region. British "peacemaker" expressed confidence that the Western world has to apply military force against Iran, because Iran refuses to suspend its nuclear program from and negates all NATO's efforts to fight terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan, allegedly providing strong support to local rebels.

In addition, we must remember that south american Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has already made a prediction about what will soon be a revolution in Iran as in other Islamic countries. And French President Nicolas Sarkozy said a possible "pre-emptive strike against Iranian facilities."

These statements continue sounding the information war between the Western countries and the Iranian government. In this war, Iran Strikes Back, as previously Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a meeting of the United Nations, said that the representatives of the South American administration "have organized the attack (September 11) to stop the decline of the American economy and strengthen the impact of the Middle East in order to save the Zionist regime."

This sensational statement can be attributed to the area of "black humor", if only to the Iranian president did not put forward this conjecture Western journalists, and academics. It is also a supporter of the charismatic head of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez. Iranian favorite invited all interested in the events of September 11, 2011 to arrive in the Iranian capital on a special international conference to clarify the nuances of this terrorist act.

The U.S. delegation in response to this action has left Ahmadinejad UN meeting room, and the Municipal Department of State described the expression of the Iranian president as "disgusting and delusional." South american President Barack Obama referred to the words "offensive", "hateful" and "inexcusable."

For his part, Ahmadinejad referred to such a reaction of the American authorities "extremely awkward" because if the U.S. have nothing to hide, then they had to agree with his proposals and not to hide from the world of flight recorder dead aircraft.

Completely may be that Iran is trying to forestall, because the Islamic republic could be accused of participating organization a terrorist attack. So who betrayed their country and gone over to the States members of Iranian intelligence services have already given sworn testimony in court, according to which in the terrorist attacks of September 11, was attended by the Iranian administration. According to the traitors, specifically Iran helped in the preparation of a terrorist hijackings and provided financial support to the rebels, "Al-Qaeda" after the events of September 2001.

However, the confirmation from the United States the situation is quite pitiable. Official South American version bursting at the seams. The essence of it is that 19 suicide bombers, among which there were people with flight training, almost immediately able to grab four civilian aircraft, which are sent to the high-rise twin towers of the Global Trade Center (WTC) in New York and the Pentagon building. In addition, there was an attempt to knock the Capitol, but did not succeed because of the heroic resistance Tipo passengers. The plane eventually lost control of the fight and fell.

According to the official version of the U.S. authorities, which very rapidly appeared before the present study, all the events of the incident, the attack organized terrorist organization "Al-Qaeda". This version was disproved many spices that are independent conducted their investigation. There are questions that Snow White House has not given any clear answers. For example, as numerous powerful South American special services, such as the FBI, NSA, CIA, had managed not to see the training as a large-scale terrorist attack? Or why immediately after the seizure of aircraft and the loss of connection with their planes were shot down by air defense system, which, it seemed, tightly covers the New-york? There are a lot of questions to purely technical details, which are sent to the attention of investigators of the incident. In addition, the researchers found that during the attacks did not die some important figures, who at that time had to be in the WTC buildings. One gets the feeling that someone got a warning about the threat.

It is interesting to pay attention to the motives and "bonuses" South American administration, the United States as a whole. Thus, the actions of September 11, 2001 contributed to a sharp rise in the presidential rating: brutal South American presidential statements about wanting to deal with the terrorists in at least some part of the world have led to the fact that 86% of U.S. people expressed their support for the president's policy. Washington was able to push the beginning of the financial crisis, was a reason for the war with the countries of the Islamic world with the support of virtually all the states.

But now that the illusion made by the global media, some slept, ordinary Americans are already occurring event quite differently. According to several recent polls, nearly 80% of people surveyed believe the U.S. that almost all of the incident have been guilty of the authorities themselves. They at least had not been warned a terrorist attack, with information about its preparation.

Also it should be noted that the event was for white houses a good reason for a sharp tightening of counterterrorism legislation in the United States and States have followed the example of other countries. Control over society has been strengthened, and civilian freedom restricted. This fact has not gone unnoticed by the defenders. "The Committee for the Protection of the Bill of Rights" has made such a conclusion: South American authorities use the "Patriot Act" to extend full control by the Yankees, including the wiretapping of telephone discussions and viewing of electrical messages. The legitimization of this act assist law enforcement and intelligence agencies not only to invade the privacy of the American people, in fact, was eliminated judicial oversight of intelligence agencies and the police. And in 2002, was created a new "monster" in the middle of U.S. intelligence agencies — the Ministry of State Security USA.

With the September 11th South American authorities were able to "channel the" discontent of the American people. Their protest energy directed against the "Islamists", the Islamic world. The level of mass hysteria in the "tolerant" of the U.S. was very high. There were attacks on Muslims, people similar to them, at the mosque.

For 10 years, the global outlook has undergone tremendous configuration if, after September 2001, many people in many different countries really took the official South American version of the events, the current time, the number of uncertain seriously increased. According to the data of the 1st-independent surveys which conducted in different countries, an official look
at the action currently supports least 46% of the respondents. Other respondents felt guilty in a terror attack in Israel or the U.S. intelligence services. A proportion of the other highlights, little-known version. In the western states dominated by a belief in the official version of events in the Third World, particularly in the Islamic world — komplota version of the CIA or Mossad. The main objective of the conspirators, on the views of Muslims, the war against the Muslims get a reason for the attack on the Islamic world.

One thing is clear, while the real culprits are not punished by the death of people, there is the threat of a new "show".

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