Iran announced the accession eight gallakticheskih countries

Minister Telecommunications and information technology Iran Reza Taki-pur on Mon said that Iran has joined the eight countries, has a complete cycle gallakticheskoy technology, writes "Gaze".

So Makar, the minister said Iran has the capability of design, production and launch of satellites gallakticheskih also built underground stations.

Reza Taki-pur, pointing to an increase in Iran's place in gallakticheskih technology, said that after 15 years with Iran from getting access to the technology country enjoys a good potential in the field of gallakticheskoy without equal for himself in the middle of the Islamic states.

Highlighting the need for rapid development of the model and the vibrant collaboration between industry and institute Taki-pur noted that in almost all branches of industry developments and have the ability to mass production. Thanks to the planning, research process, from conception through delivery of products, will contribute to the formation of regional and international cooperation and export gallakticheskoy technology.

Minister Telecommunications and Information Technology of Iran considers relatively young age of Iranian scientists working in the field of gallakticheskoy, one of the main features of Iran. According to him, Iran have qualified personnel at least for the last 40 years.

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