Iran began building destroyer «Jamaran 2

The Iranian agency IRINN, Iran began building destroyer «Jamaran 2". At the press conference, said the commander of the naval forces Iran Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayar.

The admiral added that the construction of the destroyer is on its own and under the control of Iranian professionals.

The Rear Admiral said that the new destroyer will be improved in comparison with the destroyer «Jamaran», built in February 2010

First destroyer (Representing themselves essentially light frigate displacement of 1,500 tons) — is also ship Iranian construction. «Jamaran» made his first international goal on December 18, after a role in counter-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden.

Destroyer, Sixteenth part of the flotilla of Iranian naval ships, equipped with modern weapons and avionics radars. «Jamaran» has a maximum speed of 30 knots and has a helipad. Ship armed with modern anti-submarine, anti-aircraft and antiship systems and guns and torpedo tubes.

Earlier, representatives of the Navy Iran stated that under construction 5 similar destroyers, more modern than the class destroyers «Jamaran».

Admiral Sayar also said that the Navy Iran transferred two midget submarines «Ghadir». These boats are built by Iran specifically for operations in shallow waters of the Persian Gulf.

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