Iran began to develop a nuclear-powered submarines

Iran is in the initial stages of construction of nuclear submarines, reports RIA announcements referring to the deputy commander of the Iranian Navy Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini. He said he had Iran is already making the first steps towards the construction of a nuclear submarine fuel. Zamini stressed that introduction nuclear energy as a fuel for submarines is not beyond the programs from the peaceful use of nuclear technology and is used in most countries of the world.

Recall that the United States and some Western countries suspect Iran in the development of nuclear weapons and require a country to ensure full transparency of nuclear applets.

Earlier, the "RG" reported that, according to the Director General of the IAEA, Tehran "does not provide a tribute to cooperation, including the implementation of the Additional Protocol, which does not allow the agency to provide credible assurances regarding the absence of undeclared nuclear Iran's undeclared nuclear material and activities."

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