Iran conducts military maneuvers to protect nuclear facilities

Iran began a four military exercises Sarollah ("divine retribution"), during which the troops will be engaged in working off of defense and ways to protect nuclear facilities. Teachings are to the south of the country. In the maneuvers involving different types of technology, among which anti-aircraft artillery, anti-aircraft missiles, fighter jets and radar.

February 20 this year, on a visit to Iran, IAEA inspectors arrived (the International Atomic Energy Agency). The main objective of the two-day visit — finding the presence in Iran's nuclear program there "possible military intentions." During the visit, the inspectors will always be in Tehran and will not visit nuclear facilities that are located in various Iranian cities.

It must be emphasized that the holding of Iran exercises coincided with the growth of rumors about a probable Israeli air strike on Iran. The rumors intensified after William Hague, Minister of Foreign Affairs of England, and Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States, have called on Israel not to start a war against Iran.

According to the views of the West and Israel, the Iranian authorities, implementing a nuclear program from, and are going to make a nuclear weapon, the destabilizing the situation in the region. , Tehran denies all the charges and insists that its nuclear programm has a peaceful nature.

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