Iran continues incredible military public relations campaign

"Persian Gulf" is saying, meaningful title received new Iranian ballistic missiles. According to the commander of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, Mohammad Ali Jafari, and it was he who announced that Iran has a new country for the kind of guns, rocket Tipo capable of hitting targets within a radius of 300 km and reach speeds of 3675 km / h Bimbo rocket "Inaccessible to the enemies," proudly said Mohammad Ali Jafari.

Mohammad Ali Jafari

Certainly, it is a resounding success of the Islamic Republic. For the near future if they believe the statements of Tehran, Iran headed for great heights in the field of development of the "new weapons" which Tipo head and shoulders above all zabugornyh analogues own frigates and destroyers Iranian voenprom Tipo already learned to build, air defense and aircraft too. Such statements appear with surprising frequency, almost every day.

What did they represent in fact? For example, the same aircraft. The decision on the development of its aerospace industry was made by Iran in the late 80's. At the time, Iranian Air Force is rapidly degraded, because Iran was at war with Iraq and military supplies were sanctioned.

The first achievement of Iranian aircraft designers began their transport plane suspiciously reminiscent not only in appearance, and the title of Russian AN-140.

Soon the world community with great surprise found out that on the planet has another power, which according to official statements, able to build their own fighters. And not one, but two at once. Fighters were Azarakhsh names and Shafaq and again the same suspiciously resembled the first to the South American F-14 Tomcat, the second also on the South American, but the older F-5 Tiger II.



All other services of Iranian voenproma were also on something similar, or is an upgraded version of an existing tool in the world.

Products Iranian helicopter tentatively entitled Shabaviz copies the ancient South American type helicopters AH-1 Cobra, etc.

"Ballistic missiles" Shihab-1 and Shihab-2 were modernized Russian "Scud".

C warships situation is, too. Jamaran destroyer launched on the winter of 2010 to equip guided missile weapon. Such ships in the world there is a small amount of the country owning such destroyers can be counted on one hand.

With a length of 94 meters it is the displacement of 1,420 tons, and the crew — least 140 people this ship does not even reach the rank of ordinary destroyers.

Corvette is faster (multi-purpose patrol ship near sea areas), with a very naughty traits even for guard-(weak air defense missile weapon of short-range actions, limited progress in store, etc.).

And, as has become a tradition, and from the beginning of the ship's hull reminiscent of an old British patrol ships Alvand the late 60's.

There are Sina "new missile frigate ocean", displacement is more suitable boat, if the frigate.

Accordingly, the quality of this instrument is also to say the least leaves much to be desired. Alexander Hramchihin deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, commented so sonorous Iran's statement: "Almost all of the so-called" standards "of Iranian weapons are a bad fake foreign models. The so-called "Iranian weapon" — this is a bluff, unequaled in history has ever had. Most of what they advertise, the Iranians recopy the Chinese, who in turn stole it from us. If we are Chinese copies of their own quality noticeably lower than ours, then we can imagine that the Iranians have made it. "

Although it is possible that some samples of weapons that they expose their own, they just purchased from third countries. For example, this applies to analog S-300 which they are not as long shown. I have two options, from which he took from them — or put it this SAM Belarus, or their own version supplied (HQ-9) China. The fact that Iranians themselves while not even similar copy tool.

As for the missiles, there is generally a lot of hard questions. All of their previous versions were suffering in that defeats the purpose of the plan were very inaccurate. And all because of the fact that they are extremely increment range. "

The motives of the official Iranian conducting global world public relations campaign own power is not clear. It would be naive to think that he will make a fool of zabugornyh military professionals and analysts.

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