Iran continues obkladyvat

Iran continues obkladyvat as animal. Israeli President Shimon Peres said that an attack on the Islamic Republic of Iran "more and more than likely." President's speech was preceded by several military exercises in the country, practiced their ability to respond to rocket attacks and the risk of chemical attack.

The Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post told of preparatory war plan with Iran. According disk imaging publications, management of Israel has quite ready to plan air strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities. As part of the air operation plan to use hundreds of aircraft, virtually all of the Air Forces. The newspaper said that the plan of attack on the Islamic republic is suspected to contain a settlement of the Air Defense (NORAD) countries, which will be in the way of the lumen of the Israeli squadrons, if the military will see the activity of their anti-aircraft missile systems. Then the planned elimination of Iran's air defenses, and later the bombing of nuclear facilities.

According to several media disk imaging, Jerusalem adjusts plans for war with Iran every 36 hours. The Israeli armed forces plan to launch air strikes against nuclear facilities to halt the development of nuclear programs from Tehran. According to La Repubblica, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu "just one step away from being able to give the order to strike that rock the entire Middle East region." For a military solution to the "problem of Iran" is higher military and political control of Israel — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, expressed shock against the leaders of the Israeli secret services.

Their opposition to military action against Iran expressed and former security chiefs of the Jewish country. For example, the former head of external intelligence Israel Meir Dagan believes that war Iran — a "stupid idea." In other words, in the military and political elite of Israel, there is no consensus on plans for the undisputed pre-emptive strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. There was a balance between the supporters and opponents of a military solution to the issue of Iran's nuclear program there.

It is interesting that people's perceptions of Israel over the war with Iran, split almost equally. According to the poll, which was conducted by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, 39% of the people surveyed were against the idea of air strike on Iran, 41% support the plan, while 20% were undecided.

France will support Jerusalem, but to take part in the war will not. This statement was made by French President Nicolas Sarkozy. According to Sarkozy, the existence of Israel — an important political factor in this matter Paris concessions will not do. France will support Israel, but the French president has torn the possibility of military action against Iran, considering such acts as "intolerable." He said it is possible to conduct a dialogue with Tehran, in addition, there is a way of economic sanctions. If some sanctions will not be enough, you can always introduce new ones.

From England came more bellicose information. British military planning military action against Iran. The English mean that the United States may request to use the base in England, Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean for the missile attacks on the Islamic republic. British "Guardian" notes that the South American President Barack Obama is not lust retracting States in at least some new military conflict before the November 2012 elections, but the IAEA report on November 8 could "change the rules of the game" and make strike by IRI more than possible.

Associated Press said that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will publish a report on the modeling of Iranian scientists nuclear warheads.

There is a perception that "draining" disk imaging in the "Guardian" series of Israeli media purposefully occurred. A significant part of the elite of Israel and the West against the war with Iran, it threatens the very serious consequences. If Libya killed 10's of thousands of people, in this war can burn hundreds of thousands, the entire Middle East will blaze. This scares many in the West.

Iran's reaction

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei referred to the United States the greatest terrorist on the planet. In addition, promised to make public hundreds of documents that indicate the U.S. terrorist activities in Iran and the Near and Middle East. According to the views of the Ayatollah, the documents of the United States to throw off the mask of "human rights advocate and a fighter against terrorism."

The Iranian minister of foreign affairs, Ali Akbar Salehi said that the Islamic Republic is ready for war with Israel. According to him, in perils Jewish state is nothing new, Israel threatens Iran with all the time.

Most experts believe that the impact of the war, and Israel and the U.S. and Iran at the present time will not. This information campaign aimed at making break the will of the Iranian control and force concessions regarding its own nuclear applets. But the little possibility of war is still there, then the consequences can be very negative.

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