Iran convened a conference on Syria, the UN finds substitute Kofi Annan

It happens — is inviolable fortress, held under the blows of enemies. Everyone who is out there doing something to repel an attack — exactly who is waging war on the walls, someone brings ammunition, some defenders of preparing food for … But, out of nowhere — there apostate, who will hand over the enemy: Gold and defenders and peaceful dwellers do not regret it. And if that is not fit to defuse Judas — can fall fortress, despite the heroism of the people who defend it.

Here and in the Syrian government found itself Judas: it was the last prime minister Riyad Hijab.

At the current time, Bashar al-Assad announced a new prime minister. They became the last Minister of Health, Wael al-Khalq. In the opinion of the Syrians, it is a strong and reliable person.

Syria's enemies have tried every possible way to multiply the scale of betrayal. They declared, as if another ally Bashar Assad — the head of the protocol department of the presidential administration Mukhiddin Muslims left their own post. But it turned out. I just went to Lebanon to heal But when he heard the false reports about him, cut healing, he returned to Syria, and personally refuted the false information.

Meanwhile, the government army achieves tremendous success on the main front of the country — in the town of Aleppo. There are still some hassle, but one hundred percent destroyed the main stronghold of armed gangs — the area of Salahaddin. The rebels suffered heavy losses and were obliged, as they stated, "tactical move", in other words just drapanut.

"Who are you only knew how much grief brought these" saviors "!" — They say the inhabitants of Aleppo, whose peaceful life is disrupted, these pseudo-revolutionaries. People in some areas of the town could not even go out on the streets to buy food. Many have lost their apartments, the property … But the hardest thing, of course — is the loss of loved ones … The militants themselves, showing off their "feats" and intimidating people, posted a Web video that they shot supporters of Bashar al-Assad. Already, even some western human rights activists, stubbornly defending the "freedom fighters" had to acknowledge this flogging military crime.

As said Syrian news agency SANA, army cleared the bandits neighborhoods of Bab Al-Nasr, Saba Bahrat, Bab Zhneyn, Bab al-Hadid and all the shopping areas of the town. The inhabitants of the liberated districts. Sluggish from the tyranny rebels took to the streets to meet the army-gratifying liberator ..

It became clear a few facts to support the outrageous gangs in Syria by Turkey. Thus, Turkish MP Mevlut Dudu, visiting the province of Antakya, near the border with Syria, revealed that on cars "first aid", who travel to Syria with Turkey Tipo area to evacuate the wounded Syrian refugees, carries a weapon for the militants so called "Free Syrian the army. " In this regard, the deputy claimed by the Erdogan government to end support for militants sanctuary and adjacent interference in the affairs of the country.

The French weekly "Le Canard enchaine" published an article stating that Western and Turkish military instructors are preparing Syrian rebels based near the Turkish town of Adana. And on Turkish television acted Syrian terrorist Sueyba Kanafani. She admitted that she took special training in a particular center, which is under the control of the Turkish army. The terrorist, who was living in Canada, but decided to do criminal activity on the territory of Syria, said her goal was to intelligence activities. A criminal has also confirmed that Saudi Arabia and Qatar have supported that the center where she and other militants were trained.

And what kind of "people's revolution", then can there be?

Almost against Syria is implicit anger on the part of Turkey, the West and the Gulf states. And this is the magic that country costs, reflecting all the pressure — and information, and terrorism, and diplomatic.

But gentlemen — enemies of Syria — not a lot of what they are doing to cause suffering to the Syrian people. Of political oblivion stuck his head frenetic Nicolas Sarkozy — the executioner Libya. He criticized the government Hollande for what it is, according to him, is not very anti-Syrian activity. Sarkozy called on the military to make a frank sin — open anger against Syria in circumvention of the UN Security Council. Once again, boasting his "exploits" in Libya, Sarkozy claimed immediately start a "military operation", in other words, just to start a war.

But here, even recognizable for its anti-Syrian sentiment minister of foreign affairs of France Laurent Fabius criticized the instigator of the war. He noted that the situation in Syria is different from the situation in Liii because of their different geopolitical situation and because of the different levels of the military training of the 2-states. In other words, it is clear that the Western countries have long since begun to rage, if they were not held back is that in-1's, Syria has quite a powerful army, and they understand that country will not be easy prey in-2, they still hold back until the country who oppose the war and impudent violation of international law — Our homeland, China, and Iran.

Iran, meanwhile, has decided to more intensively involved in the situation. In Tehran opened convened on the initiative of Iran's international conference on the events in Syria. Almost — it's candidacy so called the "Friends of Syria" — a gathering of NATO states and monarchies of the Gulf, with the motto wishing peace to crush Syria.

At a conference convened by Iran, involved 30 countries — Our homeland, China, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Algeria, Sudan, the country Latinas America, etc. These countries have a common position — rejection of violence and external interference in Syria.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi, said at the conference that the Syrian armed bandits only leads to a deepening of the crisis and destabilize other countries in the region. He also confirmed that the armed groups to commit their crimes against the people of Syria with the help and support from the outside.

At the moment, the so-called "Free Syrian Army" held hostage kidnapped 48 Iranian pilgrims. They tried to pass off the Iranian military, but it turned out that although there are a few among them ex-military, but the hostages — specifically the pilgrims, most of them — people are civilians. To sow discord between Syria and Iran, the gunmen went on a blatant heresy and proclaimed as though three of the hostages were killed as a result of the government army artillery strike. However, Iran has learned that it is heresy. Militants threaten to shoot hostages if Iran did not finish diplomatically support Syria, but Iran is unlikely to be led by such a frank and sassy blackmail.

Kofi Annan, recently declared its own resignation as UN Special Envoy in Syria, was also invited to this conference. But he evaded role in it.

A world society at the moment is trying to find a substitute Kofi Annan. Only here the candidates proposed by the West in the post — one worse than the other. And for some reason, in an unusual coincidence, most of them are on their hands in the blood of the people of Yugoslavia. Take, for Martti Ahtisaari — the former president of Finland. He was so "domirotvorstvovalsya" in Kosovo, which had been driven out of the province hundreds of thousands of Serbs, he was sitting with pleasure at the same table with the "people" involved in the kidnapping of the Serbian people in the authorities, he is one of those who are headed for the recognition of Kosovo
's independence contrary to UN Security Council Resolution that ended the bombing of Yugoslavia, in which Kosovo — an integral part of Serbia.

Another candidate for the post of Kofi Annan — ecstatic former solicitor Hague court Carla Del Ponte. We beheld her Straseni partiality and bias in the post illegitimate Hague court, we know what completed the process against Slobodan Milosevic, which she led. Yugoslav president was simply put to death in the dungeons of the court. Not such a fate she and her owners now want the President Syria?

But the apotheosis was the proposal to appoint as Special Envoy for Syria, former NATO Secretary General Javier Solana. This terrible military offender was a long time ago would have sit in the slammer and subjected to trial for the bombed-out buildings, schools, hospitals, factories suffering Yugoslavia. Thank you, no need to Damascus Belgrade "recipes" sovereign Solana! Thousands dead, 10 of thousands of the wounded — this is the result of the criminal policy of NATO in Yugoslavia, and it was he who then headed the criminal alliance!

A more or less applicable candidates for the post of UN Special Envoy to resolve the Syrian conflict — the last Minister of Foreign Affairs of Algeria, Lakhdar Brahimi. Hard to predict its activity in this post — but his hands though no blood of innocent people.

RF should take a tough stance on the destination of the new special envoy, but better — and make an application. But do not let the destination for this post was a notorious figure. There can not be a peacemaker the one whose hands are stained with blood, who one way or another participated in previous punitive operations. They that have done the war will not bring peace!

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