Iran could use against the Yankees strategy of offshore kamikaze

In the case of military actions against Tehran U.S. Navy and its allies may be involved submarines and speedboats operated by "kamikaze". This was told Reuters referring to Mark Fox, commander of the 5th Fleet of the U.S. Navy. At the same time Army of the Islamic Republic is planning to hold until March 21, new teachings.

Fox says Iran is stepping up the number of fast ships and submarines. In the true time Tehran is in service with 10 small submarines. In addition, he expressed confidence that Iran will not be able to block the Strait of Hormuz, which serves the main route of transportation of oil from the region's states. "If we were sitting warehouse hands, and their actions are not limited to, then they would have appeared an opportunity to close the strait. But I did not imagine that ever the situation arises," — said the American commander.

Fox said that the naval forces of the USA have developed a "number of options" if you will military conflict. It must be reviewed and approved by the South American President Barack Obama. He highlighted that the grouping of the U.S. Navy, located in the region now ready give Iran rebuffed. According to the vice-admiral, has developed "precision" measures that will be "very effective." But he did not disclose details, reports ITAR-TASS.

At the same time south american commander admitted that Iran could strike the people in the region to the U.S. forces. But in the case of such developments will be taken by Washington retaliatory steps, Fox warned. In this regard, the Vice-Admiral said that not long ago, he recalled subordinates that they have in case of an attack, "the right to self-defense."

Meanwhile, the IRGC ground forces plan to hold until March 21, the new military doctrine, the agency "Xinhua" (China), with reference to Pakpura Mohammad, the commander of the infantry corps. However, the venue of these exercises is not specified.

Iranian ground forces in January conducted exercises in the Strait of Hormuz. As stated in the headquarters of the army, the main purpose of the maneuvers was to increase the combat effectiveness of troops case military conflict.

Significant strengthening of the U.S. Navy factions and their allies, also teaching in Iran occur against the background of rumors about the inevitable attack on the Islamic Republic. The only issue is the date of commencement of operations only.

In Israel, for example, believe that the impact of a better deal in the coming time. Tehran, on the views of Tel Aviv, is about to pass the "point of no return" — the moment when the armed forces would be unable to stop the Islamic republic in the development and production of nuclear weapons.

In this case, it's about the authorities' plans to move the bulk of Iran's uranium enrichment in an underground storage facility near the town of Qom under the fortified granite. How to recognize the Americans, this object is impossible to "get" using a non-nuclear weapons.

In general, while in Washington believe that this scenario is unlikely. In the administration of the South American president convinced that not so long ago adopted sanctions against Iran, namely the rejection of the EU on Iranian oil in a short time will justify their validity. Significant economic loss will assure Tehran that the game is not worth the candle, and so a large-scale economic harm does not justify the existence of nuclear applets. In this case, the need for military action will disappear by itself.

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