Iran did not get rocket parts

July 26, 2012 citizen U.S. Iranian Telemachus Andro (Andro Telemi) was found guilty in the South American Court of violating sanctions against Iran. Telemachus and citizen Iran (Recognized guilty in the past year) have been caught three years back. Both tried to export missile components to Iran. This was, and third person citizen Iran, but, apparently, he managed to escape back into the Iran.

Iran has for decades engaged in illegal theft of technology, usually from the U.S. and Europe. But they even managed to get sverhtehnologichny mechanism of Israel — a country that they have sworn to kill him. In this smuggling methods are used, which is used by Iran for a long time. Western vendors typically require more higher price to cover the risk of being found and coaxed to justice. Yet the Iranians are well aware that there are many foreign suppliers who are ready to take on this risk.

The fight against smuggling of Iranian weapons technology was activated in the last decade. Most of the countries cooperate in this fight, but not all. Although Turkey and Iran to suck up to the Turks as before formally comply with international trade sanctions against Iran. But Turkey also encourages companies to expand business with Iran, making more opportunities for smuggling illegal products that can assist programs when the Iranian nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. Iran uses these abilities.

Germany was once a favorite place for Iran to buy equipment for their own programs to develop ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. Now the situation has changed. For example, four years back, a German citizen was prosecuted for carrying out transactions related to weapons smuggling. He put Iran in 2005-2007, 16 tons of high-quality graphite used in the manufacture of rocket nozzles. He identified it as a low-grade graphite properties not illegal to supply a Iran. Another 10 tons of high-quality graphite were detained by Turkish customs authorities. 5 years ago, Germany has taken a more stringent export regulations in Iran and immediately began to search for and prosecution of those who ignored the ban. Most recently, German citizens were prosecuted for exporting special metals and manufacturing equipment for the production of neobhodimyogo ballistic missile warheads.

Since the 1979 South American embargo was introduced (after Iran violating diplomatic protocol, seized a South American embassy), Iran seeks with some success, to offer huge amounts of money to smugglers, who will be able to break the embargo and deliver the desired industrial and military equipment. It's a risky business, but the South American and European bullpen full of Iranians and people of other countries who tried (and often failed) to acquire and deliver the illegal product. At the current time, due to the growing nuclear applets Iran, smuggling has received increasing attention. But the Iranians simply offer more money, and more smugglers are taken for shipping illegal goods.

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