Iran got hold of the F-16

Iran seems to be able to get the South American F-16 fighter from Venezuela. Eccentric and anti-American Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has threatened to 6 years to realize some of its available F-16 to Iran. In the end, sending the 1st Fighter Iran, apparently, is the efforts of Iran to assist cook your anti air defense to a probable Israeli air raid F-16I. This Venezuelan gesture unlikely to seriously be able to assist Iran, as the Venezuelan F-16 aircraft are more models of old times, and today's Israeli F-16 are more advanced models available these aircraft.

Venezuela received its F-16 in 1983, it and the 1984th years. They represent F-16A / B Block 15. At the current time, the U.S. Air Force are F-16C / D Block 50, and even more advanced F-16E / F Block 60 being built for the UAE. Venezuelan F-16, of which it is been made and more than 25 years ago. For the F-16's they really are very old times. These aircraft are not equipped with the new radar, air-missilesair or by means of electronic warfare. In the last 13 years, since the time when Chavez came to power, they do not actually receive any service in connection with the freezing of relations with the United States. Quarrel with the state produces spare parts for your combat aircraft — not the most is not a bad idea.

Israeli F-16I, which weighs 24 tons, is a double fighter-bomber, and perhaps the most capable of the models F-16, located at the current time in service. In general, a modified version of the F-16C / D Block 50/52, Curb more advanced radar (APG-68 (X)), is also able to carry a gun made in Israel, such as missiles, air-to-air missiles and Python 4 air-to-surface Popeye 2. At a cost of 45 million dollars each, F-16I has a good navigation system, allowing it to fly at low altitudes, the maximum is not exhausting for all that pilots. The aircraft can operate at night and in all weathers. F-16I can carry enough fuel, so hit targets at a distance of 1,600 km (within the reach of Iran). By plane used new missiles air-to-air with near and far range, and smart bombs. Plane equipped with electronic warfare, it is also a strong system, locking in minute details about each departure. This feature provides an invaluable service during training. In principle, F-16I in the main optimized to deliver smart bombs in at least some place, despite the presence of a dense air defense. This is even more increasing Israeli military force against its own neighbors. Israel has received 102 new fighter-bomber F-16I for the last eight years and upgraded another 125 of old times F-16 and the standard F-16I.

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