Iran — Greece and the oil war of the West (Faros — Web Radio, Greece)

The inscription on the map: "The main objects of the oil sector (Iran)"

Iran — Greece and the "oil war" of the West in the context of "Orthodox pipeline" Burgas-Alexandroupolis

Campaign United States and Israel, together with some European countries, especially Britain and France against Iran has reached a new level with the introduction of the embargo against its oil sector. While it was a framework agreement in the EU position Greece This aggressive climate is unique.

The situation with Iran is mixed with freezing project of Burgas-Alexandroupoli (also referred to as "the Orthodox Pipeline") which Bulgaria has frozen under the strong influence of the United States (as explained below), which makes it even more egregious in Greece on the right to choose their energy sources.

In Greece, there is an economic crisis, which began with the collapse of the U.S. "Lehman Brothers", and the crisis over Iran's nuclear applets and sanctions. The discussions on the implementation of the EU embargo on oil from Iran joined these two different situations in the criteria of an angry Greek public opinion towards the EU and the U.S. for what is perceived as a perverse injustice to Greece.

In short, the outer which monitors should take into account the following points in order to have a proper awareness of the issue and the parts connected with Greece:

— Greece receives more than 35% of its oil from Iran, having to buy unlimited credit.

— No other country does not sell oil in Greece as a result of such makarom economic situation.

— Option with Saudi Arabia is vulnerable because of the support of the state of Islamic extremists, especially in the middle of almost 1500000 illegal immigrants in Greece (the main Muslim), which also contribute to the explosive growth of unemployment with the knowledge of the EU and the U.S..

— By the Greeks have no real confidence in the West is that Greece will continue to receive oil from other sources for profitable criteria. After all, why they do not do it now, and why only Iran doing this?

— There is no trust to the charges of the West against Iran's nuclear programs from as confidence in the U.S. and the West was virtually destroyed after the "discovery" of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, which was not. Completely biased and anti-Greek light of the economic crisis reinforces the resistance of the Greeks Western governments and media.

— Frozen Greek-Russian-Bulgarian project of Burgas-Alexandroupolis (as a result of failure Bulgarian government at the instigation of the U.S.) coincided with the ban Iran as a supplier, and it gives Greece to realize that the U.S. and the EU to Greece denied the right to choose the right suppliers: it is a kind of prohibition in Greece have freedom of choice.

— The elasticity of the U.S. and the EU is to allow "British Petroleum" to continue to do business with Iran gas project "Shah Deniz II" is seen as a direct confirmation of hypocrisy. The reason that the U.S. and EU bureaucrats South American lobbied Congress to impose sanctions on "British Petroleum", is that Europe "headed for energy security and independence from the Russian Federation": they showed who the real target — that's our homeland and maybe China.

— None of them was interested in Greece, where Greece tried to achieve energy security and independence of the Turkish way of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline (which would also increase the independence of Europe from Turkey). They want to, but, that Greece supported their policy towards Iran, that she risked supplies and supplies of oil in Greece, and at the same time willing to give up the British company in Iran!

— Why not similarly free Greece from the introduction of sanctions against Iran, because Iran is the only reliable source of oil for Greece, which does not require Greece to provide advance payment guarantee, and Greece gets long great prices in a difficult situation in which it has put the economic crisis.

— Wikileaks documents from the U.S. Department of Municipal showed that the previous U.S. pressure on Athens was focused in the main to the fact that Greece was another "conquest" of Washington. Americans wanted to show that the European countries support the policy of the United States, and Greece was one of the countries trophies. The main target was the shipping company IRISL Iranian Shipping Lines, and Greek shipowners opposed the idea of termination of transporting Iranian oil.

Hundreds of millions in penalties for Bulgaria

The pipeline Burgas-Alexandroupolis is designed to transport Russian oil to Bulgaria and then send it to the Greek port of Alexandroupolis on the ground pipeline. So Makarov will not need to pass through the Strait of overloaded and unstable, which is controlled by Turkey, between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Oil would have to be loaded on ships in Alexandroupolis to transport it to Europe and other regions. It's also more environmentally safe method because the tankers would not have to go out of in the Mediterranean Sea, they might be less congested, and the possibility of an oil spill would be limited. Would also reduce the transportation.

Very pro-American Bulgarian Prime Minister finished project … "Out of concern for the environment" (although all studies approved the project), because "people do not want to Bourgas it" and since it is not financially viable. The project dubbed "Orthodox Pipeline" due to the fact that Greece, Our homeland and Bulgaria are Orthodox countries and freezing is considered as the South American attempt to block Russian expansion in the energy sector, even if Greece and Bulgaria will also be harmed. Recent Protestant neo-conservatives in Washington have initiated these aggressive acts against the Orthodox states.

But Bulgaria will have to pay a fine for blocking the project. Nedavneshnee embargo on Iran oil caused the emergence of related issues, including the question of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline. Price of oil transportation on the "orthodox line" was supposed to be 8 dollars per ton, which is almost equal rates of transportation through the strait. At the Samsun-Ceyhan pipeline was a highest price, and Turkey asks a huge share of income from it. U.S. intervention in Bulgaria, may have been supported by Turkey, because it does not force Russia to find other routes.

Coming out of the project, as they say Greek sources, Bulgaria will have to pay for the delay shtaf Greece and Russia. Greek bureaucrats are not the first one who said this. At the end of last year, Russian bureaucrats have indicated that a small amount to forfeit 200,000,000 dollars. Most can achieve a level of 1 billion dollars. The Bulgarian side is owed on this day seven million dollars of their own contribution to project, and, at least, gave the Russian side to realize that they will be served by the Bulgarian government in an international tribunal if it is to insist on the non-payment of monetary penalty if the project is absolutely excellent.

The current embargo on Iranian oil and the instability of the global trade in oil, which may happen to the project attracts the attention of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline with even greater urgency. He has promoted the European Union would achieve independence from unstable region of Turkey (due to the Kurdish, Greek and amyanskoy neuvvyazkami with which she faced), but the non-European (South American) interests will block it.

The Greeks understand that they are being drawn into a situation that is not a
problem of emergency in Greece and has no true ethical base. The Iranian nuclear programm is not a major issue for the Greek society in his hierarchy of problems. But the difficult financial situation (in which Iran is the only supplier of oil to offer unlimited credit) is now regarded as created by the European Union and the United States. Just to briefly lay out the injustice that the Greek public sees in the western attack against Greece and its reputation, give the subsequent:

Germany is to Greece many hundreds of billion of assets stolen by the Nazis ("coercive loan" from Nazi Germany occupied Greece). Hitler began to pay "loan" of Greece, but after the collapse of Germany following the German government's discussions are not German Greek debt. This amount, together with all recognized German financial responsibilities towards Greece surpasses 700,000,000,000 (700 billion euros) in current prices, if we take into account interest rates. It is not an exaggeration, it means that Germany must Indeed Greece.

— Corruption means of procurement for military production, C4I system for the 2004 Olympic Games, etc., make up a lot of s 10 billion euro, and the European (especially German) companies account for a large fraction of this money funds. This means the Greek taxpayers, who went to the pockets of sponsors of European (and other) political parties.

— Part of Greek bonds are corrupt payments in the form of procurement projects for military production and municipal procurement in favor of foreign companies — political parties.

— The Greeks did not wish to renounce the drachma. They did not want the euro, since Greece does not have the benefits, by contrast, the Greek society is harmed. "Goldman Sachs" s (received his education in Germany), Prime Minister Costas Simitis and with the knowledge of Washington and Berlin changed the monetary data of Greece. Berlin wanted to get one more country to the "euro zone", Washington wanted to use Greece as a trigger, if he wishes to do the task in the European Union.

— No Western news publication (including the BBC) did not publish all of this information, at least, in a comparable degree of the attacks against Greece.

Greece urged to agree to serve foreign interests (based on obscure info and ethics), to participate in the embargo and go for energy risk, while those who are asking Greece to do it all, especially putting it in this difficult economic situation. The first thing to do is to achieve that, so that those who have the means of Greece, paid the money, and Greece will not be any problems finsnovyh. The Greeks did not realize that at the highest level in the EU there is more corruption.

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