Iran has accused the U.S. of violating the democratic principles

It seems that in the middle of a huge number of global countries that are ready to resist the policy of double standards of the U.S. in the near future more intensively manifested Iran. The authorities of the country to respond to various kinds of defamation of the United States, as they read, fully symmetrical for themselves.

A few days back on the air the 1st of the Iranian TV channels made the head of the Iranian judiciary, Ayatollah Larijani, who said that Iran, void sumnyashesya, ready to submit to the court on Washington for what he violates the rights of man! Naturally, the U.S. government this position was a slight shock, because earlier on human rights on the ground of other states could read only the U.S., and even some countries that lead the management of the threads white houses. And now — Persian answer!

That still meant Larijani under violation of rights and freedoms of the people? It was found that Iranian senior bureaucrat decided to pay a "forbidden" hit Washington, based on the actions of the police to disperse the protesters in American cities. As you know, in New York City for the first step of the action "Occupy Wall Street!" Was delayed for more than 7 hundred protesters by local police. Larijani says about this step, U.S. law enforcement agencies as an outrageous injustice and violation of all democratic norms.

The prosecution, of course, very interesting in itself, but all the bad luck in what the tribunal will consider the claim of this kind. After all, without exception, including the most humane and democratic courts of the world, realize that even the probable beginning of the consideration of such cases is already giving some a little bit of a scandal, because the result will be, of course, is not in favor of the United States. If we assume that some tribunal will take up the matter and make a not-guilty verdict, it will be an automatic signal for at least some international regime: the police simply can disperse at least some rally with the use of physical force. But, as if to admit totally unacceptable that the United States will be taken against the guilty verdict, it set a precedent for other countries in the world: the United States, they say, before read the democratization of the rest of the world, it is necessary to restore order within its own borders.

Expressed in the language of chess Iran prepared for the U.S. "fork". The question is, and will sit there for a chess board with his davneshnim enemy (the representative of the "axis of evil"), Washington. Probably not.

But the proposal Larijani does not appear in the air. Many analysts in the West tend to associate test Iran's "shake" States that Americans accuse Tehran of the organization first second decade of October assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington. In Washington, they say that it is specifically the Iranian secret services operated on the ground with the United States to organize the murder of a bureaucrat from Saudi Arabia. With all of this Saudi Arabia itself remains somewhat aloof, but Barack Obama had said he was ready to introduce another batch of sanctions against Iran, because I am sure that Iranian trace of an attempt is obvious.

It is necessary to see that the confidence of the South American president appeared immediately after the involvement of the terrorist attack against the ambassador spoke some Mexican citizen who passes himself on charges of drug dealing. Namely, the man said that he had a couple of Iranian people paid 100 thousand dollars, and promised more later about 1.4 million "green" for the fact that he blew beloved restaurant of the Saudi ambassador specifically at the time of his stay at one of the tables.

Words such "valuable" eyewitness Iranian official authorities have to laugh, saying that the Americans have decided to arrange for their own country another "comedy show."

Maybe it's specifically prompted Tehran to give the U.S. response in the form of accusations of human rights violations.

By the way, the United States have seriously decided to "punish" Iran, and Mrs. Clinton has recently visited the government of Oman. Apparently, the U.S. authorities want to own means of Tehran's Arab allies to declare that his lies ahead if he did not temper their own enthusiasm.

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