Iran has copied the South American Cobra attack helicopters

Iran is in the process of coming military exercises will attack helicopters of its own production, which are copies of the American AH-1 Cobra. On this, as reported by Jane's, the deputy commander of the Army Iran Brigadier General Kyomars Heidari (Kyomars Heydari). According to him, the Iranian helicopters have received a number of new systems, which according to some characteristics bring them closer to the South American AH-64 Apache.

Earlier, Iranian media reported that Iran embarked on a modernization of existing helicopters Cobra. It was a question about the installation of new lights cockpit, avionics and detectors. Iranian media called the modernized helicopters Panha 2091, Shabavbiz 209-1, Toufan and HESA P4, it is noted that the latter was also thermal sensors for anti-tank guided missiles.

In 1960-1970 years the United States have put Iran 202 helicopter AH-1J SeaCobra, 62 of which were equipped systems to start anti-tank missiles. The supply of military equipment to Iran ended in 1979, when the country's Islamic revolution. At the current time, a clear family size helicopter fleet Cobra, challenges in service Iran is not known.

According to Jane's, despite the statement of the Iranian authorities about the complete localization of components for helicopters and airplanes South American production, Tehran continues to illegally receive on the outdoor market of certain components for aircraft. Namely, in June 2011, the U.S. announced that revealed an international network through which Iran taking parts and engines for helicopters AH-1.

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