Iran has decided to copy the captured South American drone

Iran intends to explore the CIA's drone technology which first fell in December in eastern Iran. It will be manufactured for the creation of their own drones. On this, as reported by Iranian TV channel Press TV, Hossein Ebrahimi said the deputy chairman of the Committee for State Security and foreign policy. He said the Iranian scientists are able to do the reverse design on the basis of the acquired reference.

According to the Iranian Parviz Sorour committee on foreign policy and nat. security given TV channel "Al-Alam", new stealth drones Iranian production will be significantly more maneuverable U.S. RQ-170 Sentinel. Iranian experts at the current time to finish decoding the data were in UAV. The acquired information is likely to be used against the United States.

Sorour said that the Iranian military were able to find and seize the Sentinel, withdrawing electrical control system of the UAV system. This could be done without causing significant damage to the unit. To gain control over the UAV according to unconfirmed reports used electronic warfare systems 1L222 "depot". Iran such complexes have been put Russia in October this year. The United States had previously stated that the RQ-170 fell himself, after he had finished fuel.

On the capture of 225 km from the Afghan border, a secret South American UAV Iran said on December 4. Initially it was assumed that the drone was armed forces of the Afghan NATO troops, but later it was reported that it was used in the performance of a secret CIA tasks in the Iranian countryside. In the U.S., after the incident, an operation to open a discussion, which was to be the salvation of the fallen RQ-170, and to prevent the hidden technology into the hands of the Iranians. Later on this idea was abandoned, so as not to aggravate the case with Tehran that the already very complicated.

Iranian authorities have dubbed the incident with the UAV provocation and an act of aggression, also appealed to the United Nations with an adequate complaint.

Manufactured by Lockheed Martin UAV RQ-170 Sentinel, which also known as "The animal Kandahar" is more secretive aircraft standing on the arms of the United States. Technical properties of the "Beast" to the real moment were not disclosed. Only data confirmed that the UAV used stealth technology. U.S. using RQ-170 was observed in Pakistan for Osama bin Laden's favorite "Al-Qaeda". Then it was destroyed by special forces of the U.S. Navy.

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