Iran has declared himself a fifth or second rocket power

Iran became the fifth or second in the world of rocket power, said Assistant Minister of Defense Brigadier Gen. Shamshir Ali.

"Over the last few years Iran headed for the great achievements in the defense sector and one hundred percent self-sufficient in military equipment and defense systems, "- said the commander, who quotes Iranian TV channel «Press TV», reports "Interfax".

General stressed that the Islamic Republic "in the true time comes in large number from the standpoint of the missile might powers of the world, ranking fifth or sixth place."

Channel notes that the Deputy Commander of the Revolutionary Guards, Hossein Salami, said that all military bases in the Middle East are within the act of missiles, designed and made in Iran.

In turn, the deputy commander of the air force base Khatam al-Anbiya Gen. Sharoh Shahram said that the Iranian armed forces "100 percent" protect the air space of the country.

Recall, as already mentioned "Topical comments," Western countries, namely the United States, they say, Iran's nuclear programm aimed at producing nuclear weapons. In this regard, the South American administration has taken a series of sanctions against Iran.

So, at the end of May, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a package of new sanctions against Iran.

The new sanctions are an extension of the December of the law, including measures against those foreign financial institutions that conduct commercial operations through Iranian Central Bank. Now sanctions will apply to the National Iranian Oil Company and the Iranian oil company oil fleet, that further limit Iran's ability to export its oil.

As one of the Republicans' U.S. Senate sent to Iranian control signal that it must abandon at least some uranium enrichment, or else it will face a new round of economic sanctions by the United States. "

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