Iran has made the latest cruise missile

Iranian authorities have announced the development of the modern sea-launched cruise missile, "Kadeer." Deputy Minister of Defense Brigadier Gen. Mehdi Farahi said that the development in recent years will be presented to the public.

"Our missile" Zafar "," Nasr "," Noor "," Kader "and brand new cruise rocket "Qadir" can be launched from ships at speeds above 30 knots, "- said Farah, who also heads the aerospace company of the Ministry of Defence.

The general said the Iranian cruise missiles and missiles, "the land — sea" are able to solve different tasks depending on the nature of the danger.

As he wrote, "Rosbalt", except that, in the arms of Iran received new drones. As told by representatives of the Iranian armed forces, new drones — functional machines that can operate at great distances and perform air strikes. They will be released in 3 different versions with a range of acts.

UAVs are also capable of carrying missiles of different classes and strike ground targets and will be used as "bait" for the enemy air defenses. In addition, they will conduct aerial reconnaissance.

Tehran is also using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was an important early October video associated with the preparation of American and Israeli forces in joint exercises. "Launched on October 6 in the morning from the south of Lebanon UAV for 3 hours was in the airspace of Israel, when it was shot down by the Air Force of the country to the north of the Negev", — said the radio station BBC. "Everybody says that the Israelites were not one hundred percent ready for a similar operation."

Meanwhile, as the Sunday Times, the UAV was able to pull off "position ballistic missiles, major airports, too, can be the center of the nuclear reactor in Dimona."

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