Iran has no objection to the delivery of S-400

Iran's ambassador to Moscow was made a message saying that if our offer home delivery to Iran of the latest Russian-made air defense systems, the proposal will be considered "with pleasure".

At a January 20 meeting with media representatives, Mahmoud Reza Sajjadi, the Iranian ambassador who is in Moscow, said that his country does not rely on a critical supply of SAM (SAM systems) C-300 because it was returned to the Russian advance and paid the penalty for a deal , which did not come true.

But salting added that Iran and Our homeland can also cooperate in other areas.
Iranian diplomat gave clearly recognize that Tehran is always ready to cooperate with the Russian Federation, while Russia expressed the same willingness to partner with Iran.

With all of this ambassador stressed that the business relationship focused on the fact, that to ensure peace in the region.
Earlier, Iran intensely sought by the Russian Federation of the Treaty criterion associated with the supply of S-300. Recall that the contract for the supply of Russian Tehran S-300 sides signed in 2008. The contract sum of approximately billions of dollars. Iranian side was entered in advance, which amounted to 167 million dollars. But after the UN Security Council announced introduction to international sanctions against Iran, Russia in 2010 was denied in the delivery of S-300.

In line with the development of the topic Iranian diplomat said that Tehran has no objection to the likely proposals by Russia on arms last generation, it is prepared to see. Salting I saw it would be even better if Tehran would focus on the future.
S-400 or the "Triumph" is a Russian anti-aircraft missile system with the latest generation of high-and medium-range applications. SAM With-400 was made on the basis of the C-300, but improved With-400 differs significantly for its tactical and technical capabilities, among which is celebrated and the area and efficiency, and the abundance of the targeted objectives. AAMS is able to provide fire immediately with the direction of 36 goals in their 72 missiles.
Military experts in Russia are convinced that Tehran hopes in a similar case is fully justified. Member of the Board at the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Igor Korotchenko, which is also the managing centers devoted to the analysis of trade instruments in the world, is also the main editor of the magazine "National Defense", believes that today all unrealistic read about any negotiations relating to the supply of arms to Iran, because our home support UN sanctions.

He also said that the S-400 recently not to be exported, it was also announced the official position of the Ministry of Defense, according to which the C-400 will not be shipped to other countries until such time as the Russian army will be filled with data systems.
The desire to acquire advanced anti-aircraft missile systems already expressed Belarus, but according to a professional, Minsk was told that such complexes entered service Russian troops.

Alexander Matveev, independent military analyst, absolutely agree with him. He confirmed that there were no grounds for any negotiations on such supplies, besides Moscow opt out of some deliveries of S-300. Matveev also reminded of Russia's accession to the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council against Iran. At the end of the conversation, he said that Russia had not made any statement about the willingness to get out of this sanctions regime.

Salting Iran at a meeting with reporters confirmed that Tehran wants to lead again talks, on the nuclear issue, a group of "five plus one", which includes the UN Security Council and Germany. This was discussed in the backroom talks between Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran and the EU Representative Catherine Ashton held in Vienna during the conference on the situation in Afghanistan.

Previously denied by the European Union does not matter what kind of information that are carried out consultations with Iran's intention to resume talks, related to the Iranian nuclear applets.

According to the views of Igor Korotchenko, Tehran really "ripe" for a follow-up meeting, because there was not an easy situation associated with the building and naval capabilities of the United States of America in the region.

Korochenko concluded that Iran considered the established scene, because he is interested in the negotiations that address the complexities of having military implications.

Iran, as presented Korochenko will be much more profitable if the EU will introduce an oil embargo, to make up for their losses by the growth of hydrocarbon exports to China.

According to the views of the same Alexander Matveyev, negotiations with Tehran "six" is not necessary.
The analyst believes that Iran takes part in this game since 2003. When beginning to threaten Tehran with regard to the introduction of its harsh sanctions Iran begins to maneuver. Thus, it is similar.

According to the views of the analyst, negotiations for the sake of negotiations is an exercise in futility. He believes that Iran is not yet ready to proposals Western states.

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