Iran has offered to make a contact group to resolve the conflict in Syria

Tehran offered to member countries of the consultative meeting to make a contact group to resolve the situation in Syria, said Thursday at a press conference, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi.

In Tehran on Thursday at the initiative of the Iranian side of a meeting of the advisory role of temper with more than 30 countries — from Latin America, Africa, Asia and Russia.

"At the current time, it was suggested that a contact group (for the settlement of the situation in Syria — Ed.). No decision in this regard has been taken so far. Proposal is to elect one of the existing international practice in conflict resolution techniques, specifically establishment of a contact group, which would include the neutral countries in order to find a way and to bring the warring parties in Syria to dialogue and interaction. Now we are waiting for the decision states that are willing to enter into this group, "- said Salehi. With all of this minister added that the Iranian side apart from that proposed a "complete clashes in Syria."

"The three main ideas that are now open a discussion at a meeting in Tehran, were the cessation of bloodshed, initiating public dialogue and the search for solutions applicable to the settlement of the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic," — said Salehi.

Salehi also noted that the views of Tehran, Kofi Annan's plan to resolve the situation in Syria "is not exhausted."

"We believe that the plan proposed by Kofi Annan Syria, not exhausted their capacity. We regret that Kofi Annan leaves the post of its own, but pinning hopes that his successor will continue the case and it had begun settlement the situation in Syria will be held in the framework of the Annan plan, "- he said.

"But we litsezreem that a number of States does not seek to resolve the conflict in Syria, but only to satisfy their lust zeal and ambition, which makes difficulties for solving the problem. Every day we increase litsezreem contradictions and struggle between the government and the people Syria. Wrong to think that the pressure of the "Western States" on the government by maintaining armed groups force the Syrian government to back down. This will only worsen the existing crisis in the country, "- said Salehi.

Earlier this week, Iran's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday, representatives of several countries in the region to hold consultations in Tehran by the Syrian dilemma. According to Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahiana, the purpose of negotiations was to be "to promote the restoration of stability and peace in the Syria with constructive assistance from the regional states and international organizations. "

The conflict in Syria continues with March 2011, his victims were, according to the UN, 16 thousand people. Western countries and some Arab countries reach the departure of President Bashar al-Assad, believing that it will stop the violence. Our homeland and China fear that outside intervention in Syria and loss of statehood would lead to escalation of the conflict. Syrian authorities, in turn, argue that they are faced with resistance of well-armed militants who are supported from the outside.

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