Iran has promised to show fair captured drone

Tehran Times reported that Iranian authorities had promised to show some foreign UAVs, which were intercepted in the air space of the country.

At a special exhibition to be organized specifically for this purpose, will be invited diplomats accredited in Tehran, representatives of the local media. According to sources, will be showing three U.S. drones, among which not so long ago occupied the eastern border of the country's RQ-170 Sentinel and four Israeli UAVs. Israeli drones also were intercepted at the eastern borders.

Two more drone of the United States fell into the hands of Iran during the trial seep from the Persian Gulf into the air space of the Islamic republic. As acknowledged by Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of the Air Force of the Revolutionary Guards, constantly thwarted by his subordinates samples to cross the country's foreign UAV.

He also said that some of the intercepted UAV been examined and studied Russian spices. The general said that for this purpose in Iran Russians flew past summer.

Earlier it was reported that the first December Iran was intercepted reconnaissance unmanned aerial apparatus RQ-170 Sentinel, which is one of the most advanced devices consisting in service with the CIA and the U.S. Air Force. Tehran said that it was possible intercept control of the machine and it is not dangerous to land on Iranian base. At the same time, Washington is convinced that apparatus was lost as a result of failure to appear on its board.

Leon Panetta, the head of the U.S. Department of Defense, said that, even despite the loss of the drone RQ-170, programm tracking Iranian territory from the air will continue. According to the minister, the program only of principle not only for the United States, and to their allies in the region.

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