Iran has said the following about his own miracle

Iran frequently makes the reports of increasing their own power and the modernization of its own submarine fleet. Latest press release tells us that Iran begins to develop a nuclear submarine. More realistically, there was a report, published in December last year, where Iran has announced the introduction into service of 3 more of their own Submarine Ghadir class. While the design of nuclear submarines is a mirage, submarines Gadir totally real, because the plant operates 19 such boats.

Obviously, Iran issues press releases about things that do not work. Take, for example, the 400 ton class submarine Nahang. It was to be the successor of the 120-ton and Ghadris. How annoying would it sounds, Nahang was put into operation six years ago, but no sequel followed. Nahang seem to spend a great part of their time in port, filled with repairers or partially disassembled in a dry dock. The successor Nahang, 1000 tons Kvaem so to this day is not over despite the ongoing work on it during the last 5 years. In addition, Kvaem unlike other constructed in Iran Submarine, not a mini submarine and, as is not able to operate anywhere in the shallow Gulf. For example, the three purchased from RF Kilo-class submarines are so bolshennymi (2,300 tons), which is able to operate only a third of the waters of the Persian Gulf, which in turn makes their detection and destruction easier. It is, namely, explains why Iran is trying to send its Kilo often beyond the Persian Gulf.

Meanwhile, successful Ghadir submarines are another example of Iran's resourcefulness in the criteria of the embargo. Since 1996, when our country has agreed to complete the implementation of the submarine, Iran working on their own designs. After 10 years of trial and error in the 2005's they produced a 120-ton and Ghadir. Iran claims it has a fleet of 19 of these small-and diesel-electric submarines and more than four of these submarines were shown together and photographed. The Iranians kept secret tactical and technical characteristics of these boats, but Ghadir very similar to the Italian submarines Cosmos SX-506B, Columbia was in service since the 1980's. 100-ton submarine SX-506B own measured pace sufficient to carry commandos and mines. At the same time, issued a press release indicating something that looks like two torpedo tubes on the Iranian Ghadir submarines. Now Iranians say Ghadir is capable of carrying torpedoes.

It should be remembered that the submarines accompanied Cosmos series of large vessels to Pakistan in the 1990s, and they would be the basis for developing Gadirov. It should also be recognized that a North Korean submarine class Sang-O class submarines like Gadir. In 2007, the year North Korea handed over to Iran four midget submarines of the South. Iran gladly accepted these very worn 90-ton submarines in a longish 21 meters. So Makarov, taking over someone else's experience, the Iranians have been trained to design and build a mini-submarine.

Iran made the first great leap of the 1990s in Russia with the acquisition of 3 diesel-electric submarines of the Kilo 877/636. 2,300 ton-class submarines Kilo possess sufficient radius acts to patrol the entire Indian Ocean (from South Africa to Australia). Kilo submarines owned by six 533 millimeter torpedo tubes and 18-torpedoes (including one or more Shkval rocket torpedo) or 24-packs mines. Like being a world standard 1800-ton German diesel Underwater Boat Type 209, the Kilo is a harsh opponent and is able to stay at sea up to 45 days, allowing it to carry out distant campaigns.

Iranian submarine activity has pushed the U.S. to develop new equipment and ways of detecting small submarines in shallow water. Americans have not released the results of their tests carried out against the NATO mini-submarines. But that is to be expected. Such surprises adhere to the early days of the war.

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