Iran has sought clarification from Azerbaijan about the deal with Israel

The Iranian government has sought clarification from the Azerbaijani authorities on the Israeli arms supplies. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Azerbaijani ambassador in Tehran has caused, which was indicated by inaccuracy, according to the Iranian point of view, the agreement with Israel to provide area Azerbaijan for the "Tel Aviv springboard."

But salting Azerbaijan Iranian side assured that the weapons purchased in Israel will not apply against third countries, and the need for protection and liberation of occupied Azerbaijani territories.

Earlier in the press included information about naikrupneyshey Israeli-Azerbaijani deal for the purchase of air defense systems and unmanned aerial vehicles for a total of 1.6 billion. U.S.

It should be noted that this is the second call to the Iranian ambassador to Azerbaijan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. With 2 weeks before the Iranian government has demanded "the termination of the special services of Israel, on the ground Azerbaijan, directed against Iran ". According to the Iranian administration in Baku and other Azerbaijani towns against Iran is Zionist activity.

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