Iran has started mass production of anti-ship missiles

Publisher Defense News reports that the Iran started the mass production of anti-ship cruise missiles (PPH) Zafar short-range actions. These munitions can affect medium and small goals. RCC Zafar can be installed on small high-speed patrol boats and ships.

Rockets Zafar able to make flights on ultra low, are also resistant to electronic systems of oppression. Further details regarding this missile has not yet been disclosed.

In September 2011 it was reported that the Iranian Navy was on armament PKR Qader having an inflated range the act. This anti-ship cruise rocket can hit a target at a range of 200 km and produce a low-level flights. Recent tests of the missile took place in January 2012 and found to be successful.

Iran over the last couple of years to increment the rate of development and production of new types of weapons. In Iran, namely, anti-ship missiles are a class of "land-sea» Tondar and Khalij-e-Fars. In service with the Iranian naval forces are already Nasr anti-ship missiles and Qader, also torpedo Valfajr.

In addition, Iran is developing a fighter fifth-generation UAV impact, ballistic missiles and anti-aircraft missile system.

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