Iran has started mass production of missiles to combat aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf

Iran began mass production of cruise missiles to attack maritime targets, including warships, reports, referring to CBS. This was stated by Minister of Defense Ahmad Vahidi.

Clearly the number of missiles, which is expected to produce, the minister did not call.

Designed by Iranian missiles spices "Eder" can hit targets within a radius of 124 miles. The new missile has entered service of Iranian troops, including the unit that protects the maritime borders of the country.

He said the missiles "could stoke large warships."

Experts note that the missiles are potentially dangerous ships in the Persian Gulf.

Iran's naval command this week threatened to placement warships the Atlantic coast of the United States.

Iran often states on the development of new types of weapons. So, in July of this year, Iran for the first time said about the missile tests distant acts in the Indian Ocean.

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