Iran has the necessary materials for the creation of four nuclear bombs

According to Israeli intelligence, Iran, for the production of the first nuclear device takes a year.

Major-General Aviv Kochavi, head Israeli military intelligence (AMAN), said Tehran could make an atom bomb in just a year. According to Kochavi, the disposal of Tehran is enough enriched uranium for the creation of four nuclear warheads, for all that Israel targeted about 200 thousand missiles.

Kochavi during this speech in Herzliya on the international conference that as Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's Supreme favorite, decides to "enter into the stage of a breakthrough," and begin enriching uranium to military facilities, the Iranians will come in handy all year to get the "raw" nuclear device . More from year to 2-useful for the production of warheads that will be installed on the rocket, reports the words of the head of Israeli military intelligence, The Jerusalem Post.

The Israeli exploration evidence to suggest that Iran is at the present time is 4 tons of uranium that is enriched to a level of 3.5%, and even 100 pounds — enriched to 20%. This amount is fully enough for four bombs.

"The main objectives of Iran are: the establishment of its own superiority in the region, deterring threats, and employment in the international arena seats Player — explained to motivate Iran's major-general. — Tehran claims that the example program is developed for peaceful purposes, but our intelligence to demonstrate that the country's last work on the development of nuclear weapons. "

Kochavi said that, despite the stubborn development of Iran's nuclear utilities that international economic sanctions do their job and hold significant potential to undermine the efforts of the regime in Tehran.

Head of military intelligence in the process of speech touched upon the problems Nat. security. According to him, the real point of about 200 thousand enemy rockets and missiles aimed at Israel from Iran, Lebanon and Syria. With all of this aggressive countries constantly changing deployment of missiles for missile defense burdens of Israel.

Now, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic, he brought to parliament a draft budget of Iran in 2012. The costs of defense in the project increased by 127%. Leon Panetta, head U.S. Department of Defense, not long previously said that Washington will take all necessary measures, right up to a military strike on Iran's countryside, to prevent the Islamic Republic from nuclear weapons.

The situation around Iran in recent months has escalated significantly. After the danger of the imposition of sanctions by the authorities Iran in the Strait of Hormuz were organized military exercises, demonstrated a new tool. In addition, Tehran has threatened to block shipping through the strait. In Iran, the first killed in January 1st of the leading professionals in the field of nuclear physics. Tehran has accused of this crime, Israeli and Western intelligence agencies.

In late January, the EU anti- Iran imposed sanctions prohibiting such Makar, with July 1, 2012, oil exports from the Islamic Republic. In Tehran in response to this promised to pass legislation that immediately forbade the sale of oil to Europe — Iranian authorities hope that this is a dark gold consumers still banging hard.

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