Iran has tried to shoot down a South American drone

Military aircraft Iran tried to bring down south american unmanned aircraft (UAVs), carrying out a reconnaissance mission in international airspace over the Persian Gulf. According to the official dealer of the Pentagon, George Little, the drone was not injured and returned safely to their base. The incident occurred on November 1, and the incident were immediately informed U.S. President Barack Obama, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the Congress of South American favorites.

As specified in the South American military department, fire on the South American aircraft MQ Predator was conducted by two Su-25 Russian production, located in the Air Force of Iran. They opened fire with guns at a time when the UAV is located approximately 25 kilometers coast Iran. "Our aircraft was not part of Iran's air space, he constantly was in international airspace, "- highlighted the Pentagon spokesman. He recalled that the border state of air space above the sea is approximately 20 kilometers from the coast.

On the question of whether the shooting was of preventive nature conducted or to be defeated George Little said that apparently tried to shoot down Iranian planes south american UAV. He also said that the unmanned aerial vehicle apparatus not equip any weapons, including rockets, and was watching the situation in the Persian Gulf, in other words, the goal of producing intelligence, ITAR-TASS reported. The incident in the sky over the Persian Gulf was the first case of bombardment by Iranian warplanes naked South American UAV.

Washington informed Tehran's intention to continue surveillance flights own unmanned aircraft over international waters of the Persian Gulf, despite the incident. According to the Pentagon, it will be made "in accordance with the practices and responsibilities davneshney U.S. security in the region."

George Little stressed that, if need be, the U.S. military would react to such provocations. He said the United States "has a rich ability to protect its own military assets" and are ready to use them if necessary.

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