Iran instead of the South American UAV wants to return to the United States a copy of the toy

Iran, in whose area first December last year was shot down (forced to land) south american reconnaissance UAV, ready return But he returned to the United States would not be real apparatus, but just only the smaller copy. On such a non-standard step by Tehran, which is very reminiscent izymatelstvo over Washington, said the Iranian municipal radio station.

According to the radio station, a toy version of the UAV RQ-170 will be sent in a whitewashed house in response to a formal request to the United States. UAV model scale 1/80 will be sold in Iran for 70 thousand reais (about 4 dollars).

Barack Obama, the U.S. president, asked Tehran return UAV, which, According to the Iranian authorities, was found in 225 kilometers from the Afghan border in the eastern part of the country. Until next time, the Iranian government refuses to return apparatus, at least, keeping in mind the real drone, not a toy copy of which may be interested in only the kids and collectors.

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