Iran is converted to RF in the likely potential enemy

Not so long ago, Chief of the Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky said on plans to significantly increase the combat power of the Caspian Flotilla. Thus, until the end of 2020 will go to the Caspian Sea, 16 new ships, and sailors will be given a number of aircraft parts, which are now owned by the BBC. But the most important thing is that this year, Caspian flotilla supplemented with modern coastal defense systems "Bastion" with a radius of up to 600 kilometers an act. Proceeding from this, it is possible to make only one conclusion — Our homeland is afraid of possible danger from the 1st of the Caspian states.

In addition to the Russian Federation on the shores of the Caspian Sea are also posted: Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Iran. The naval forces of the countries listed on its own power is seriously inferior to Russian Caspian Flotilla, even today her condition. The truth must be noted that the Navy Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan to time to update its fleet in the Caspian Sea. So, in 2010, Kazakhstan has purchased four patrol the U.S. landing craft, and Azerbaijan, and quite a bit more than once a year buys from NATO countries new standards in technology, namely, the midget submarines "Triton-1M" and "Triton-2" by for subversive purposes.

Given that the Caspian Sea is unusually rich supplies of oil and natural gas, and the debate on the division of the Caspian Sea are up to this time, the strengthening of Russian fleet is fully understandable. But the magnitude of this increase, and in particular the purchase of missile systems "Bastion" all the same forced to think and suggest the idea that all of this is directed against a single Caspian countries — Iran and how her charismatic, but equally unpredictable and favorite Ahmadinejad.

Warm affairs between with 2 countries started "cool" back in 2009, when at a meeting of the favorites of the "twenty" in St. Petersburg Dmitry Medvedev has expressed concern about Iran's programs from closed to build a second nuclear center in the area of the country. A year later, Medvedev, referring to the UN Security Council resolution, rebuked supply Iran with Russian air defense systems S-300, and this despite the fact that Iran has already paid part of the money on the deal. It should be noted that the decision of Russian President forbids not only the delivery of S-300, and, in fact, stopped the export of Russian weapons to Iran.

By the way, Iran recent years is very intense purchased military equipment and was one of the main partners RF in this area. Thus, for the 2002-2005 year Iran had acquired 21 Mi-171, Mi-12 helicopters 171SH and three Su-25. In 2006-2007 Iran bolshennomu to the displeasure of the NATO states were targeted 29 air defense systems "Tor-M1". In addition, Iran has a license for the establishment on its territory of T-72S tanks, armored personnel carriers BTR-80 infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2.

At the moment, Iran interested in supplying T-90S tanks, BMP-3, K-50 helicopters, Su-27 and MiG-29, also of different artillery and air defense systems. But our homeland is in no hurry to sell the gun to a friend, and his own, As we see, on the contrary, is trying to strengthen its position by increasing the combat power of the Caspian Flotilla.

So Makar, Iran for RF from the 1st of the main partners in the transformed to potential enemies, that probably can not entertain the NATO countries and the U.S. in particular. Maybe someone in our country, this situation may not like the look, but can not agree that arming their latest developments of its own neighbor, but still such a controversial, to say the least imprudent.

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