Iran is disconnected from the interbank transfer system SWIFT data

On Saturday, March 17, the International Interbank system Data SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) has put in place a ban on the introduction of financial institutions Iran own services. Banks of the Islamic Republic have been disconnected from based in the Belgian capital of the global settlement at 16:00 GMT (20:00 Moscow time), report "Lead. "

The EU stressed that the system will be disabled the banks that were in the "blacklist" the European Union for the financial alleged complicity in Tehran's nuclear activities. "Turning off the banks — an extraordinary and unprecedented step for SWIFT. This is a direct result of international and multilateral action to strengthen monetary sanctions Iran"- Quoted by ITAR-TASS quotes the executive director of Lazaro Campos.

SWIFT, through which every day is an average of 18 million payment instructions between financial institutions around the world, provides the bulk of cross-border payments. She was based in the 1973, co-founders were 239 banks from 15 countries. Each day the amount of payments to the introduction of codes SWIFT, among those in the 80-90 per cent of the global settlement exceeds 6 trillion dollars. In 2010, about 19 banks and 25 financial institutions Iran exchanged approximately with 2 million messages over SWIFT.

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