Iran is experiencing the development of its air defense system, which is close to the C-300

Iran conducts missile firing tests of their own defense, in their respective features Russian With-300. The gun was created in connection with cancellation of the contract for the supply With-300 in the Islamic republic, reports in the Iranian city Wednesday Press TV channel referring to the deputy commander of the Air Defense Base, Brigadier General Mohammad Hassan Mansuryan (Mohammad Hassan Mansourian).

The contract for the supply Iran air defense systems With-300 was signed in late 2007: Our homeland has been put Iran 5 battalions of anti-aircraft missile system S-300PMU-1 in the amount of about 800 million dollars. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on September 22 on the follow-fourth UN Security Council sanctions resolution against Iran (1929 to June 9, 2010). The decree provides for a ban on the transfer of Iran S-300, armored vehicles, combat aircraft, helicopters and ships.

"Air defense systems similar to S-300, pass the fire test and rework in the field criteria. Others (missile) systems distant radius acts are in development and production," — said Mansourian.

Russian anti-aircraft missile complex medium-range S-300 acts on today is considered one of the most effective means of defense of various kinds of objects, military bases and Fri management of all types of missile strikes, including ballistic and other means of aerospace attack. According to estimates of professionals on the main features of the battle he is superior functionally similar to South American air defense systems "Patriot", which in addition to areas of the USA, launched in several countries, including Israel.

Recent modifications of S-300 systems are capable of destroying enemy aircraft at a distance of 150 kilometers and an altitude of 27 km. Previously Our homeland has put Iran air defense systems "Tor-M1" with a range of 12 km (height — 6).

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