Iran is going to develop new military aircraft

As said on February 20 «Aviation Explorer», Iran means to begin to design and produce its own modern military aircraft. This is a Sun Defense Minister of the Islamic Republic of Ahmad Vahidi (Information "").

Defense Minister noted that Iran already headed for some success in this area, having begun the creation of fighter-bombers, "Sayegh," and wants to move on.

Earlier Vahidi stated that the creation of their own fighters evidence of competence of the defense industry of Iran, also proves the futility of sanctions Western states against the Islamic Republic.

Fighter-Bomber "Sayegh" — is the Iranian equivalent of South American F/A-18. "Sayegh" can perfectly to dogfight, to pursue the enemy fighters, engaging surface targets. Aircraft to equip different types of weapons.

In the first demonstration squadron of fighter-bombers, "Sayegh" Iran has been performed at an air show in September 2010

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