Iran is going to sue Russia

Words that Iran recently decided to apply to the court for the Russian Federation, many shocked. "This is for you and a friendly state" — spoke on the sidelines. Let's try to understand what all the same thing, and that has caused such a righteous anger of the emperor Ahmadinejad.

So, the whole essence of the problem lies in the fact that our homeland, in accordance with UN Security Council resolution, has finished delivery systems With-300 to Tehran. But agreement on the supply of arms between the two countries have signed-name, and the contract on the part of Iran paid. On the one hand, a claim the Iranians can grasp. Our homeland but considers himself a full subject of international legal space, and means must comply with all resolutions and decisions adopted by the higher authority, such as eg The UN Security Council.

Resolution Security Council from June 2010 says exactly that in Iran, due to continued deployment of its nuclear utilities that supply different kinds of prohibited weapons, including missile systems. Banned and technology assistance to the Iranian side operating military equipment. All of these words Our homeland and took it as a ban on the supply of the complex With-300. But here Iran I saw a resolution some indication of exactly what the C-300 to import prohibited.

The situation could have come into the real legal impasse: on the one hand, the agreement with the other — a ban by the UN. Here Iranian partners have gathered to do, as they say, the course of the stallion. Iran salting in the country said in its own press conference that the Russians should surely grasp the initiative of Tehran. Reza Sajjadi said to journalists that the lawsuit will allow the Russian Federation and Iran to continue the partnership at the same level of supply. Everything looks a bit confusing, but salting goes on to explain the nature of the case. Turns out, the International Tribunal may, in this case, "oblige" the Russian side to fulfill their part of the contract, in other words, take a trial decision resumption smuggle C-300.

Earlier, representatives of "Rosoboronexport" stated that Iran does not need to worry. All deliveries, according to the head of concern Anatoly Isaikina will be promptly renewed the sanctions will be revised or withdrawn entirely. But Iran did not expect this day or that, as they say, may never come, and the solutions put forward his version of this stalemate.

It's all about right now for Internationally the tribunal. If this organization really-independent, then decision should be taken in favor of the resumption of the criterion of the contract. The whole issue may be not so much in the court of bias, but in the fact that the tribunal may face the "problem" of the Security Council resolution prohibitive.

Need to see that the very idea Using the international court as a possible counter to adopt resolutions — a real precedent in international law. Positive decision court if it is adopted, will cast doubt all solutions of UN Security Council, and the means and the need for his next existence.

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