Iran leads his troops into the embattled overcharge

According disk imaging, received from the British media, Iran leads the armed forces in a higher degree of battle readiness.

Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari, this time heading the Iranian Revolutionary Guards ("Revolutionary Guards") — the elite units of the armed forces, the order was given, in what refers to the need to deploy missiles large range across the country in secret locations.

London also became clear that the divisions of the Islamic Republic, namely in the Air Force, the special units were made "rapid response", the purpose of which is to prevent the "invasion of the enemy into the air space of the country."

As noted by the representative of the Western intelligence services, "Iran is in a very highest level of threat. Such an impression that Iran's control in a serious way for the papers in the global media who report the ability of attacking objects Iran — nuclear program. "

Also special highlight the fact that the actions that have taken place in recent months in Iran, can not disturb. Recall that in the country there have been killings of prominent nuclear scientists (still unsolved), strange explosions at military bases, warehouses, the emergence of a hidden military telecommunication networks insecure computer viruses, disabling the whole complexes, are also seen in the Iranian sky drones U.S. .

The English newspaper "Daily Mail", a means of self-information service, is located outlook Patrick Clawson, who is an employee of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. Based on the findings made by him in the course of analysis of the situation in Iran begins war new type — war XXI century.

At the same time, the latest date received information exiting Iran bolshennom number of foreigners.

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