Iran loses to the worlds first cyber war

Iran secretly turned up this week to the professionals in computer security in a number of Western and Eastern Europe, and offered them a very large amount, so they came to Tehran and tried to assist fight against self-replicating computer virus Stuxnet, which continues to stir the computer systems of the central management of strategic industries in Iran.

Debka agency sources said that so far there is no agreement on the arrival of a group of professionals in Iran, priemuschestvenno as the Iranians have refused to provide accurate information on the Iranian computer systems affected by the cyber attack.

It is also clear that for a few months before the beginning of 2011, has been postponed connection Bushehr nuclear power plant in the energy supply system Iran. Officially, this decision clarifies the "hot weather in the country."

Computer experts at New York Times believe that found a link between a virus, which storms computers in Iran and of the TIR biblical Esther (Esther), which takes place in Persia (Iran).

According to the views of the American professionals, one of the code names of the virus — Myrtus, myrtle, in other words, in Hebrew "hadas" — הדס — from which the second name of Queen Esther — "Hadassah."

As already reported, "cursor" Iran acknowledged that cyber-attacks on computers industrial centers of the country not only last, and amplified, and the country is virtually in a state of cyber war.

News agency IRNA said that the virus attacks wreaked havoc on computer systems for military and industrial destination of Iran. The damage from this war was even bigger than previously thought in Iran and the West.

Hamid Alipour, head of the government agency's information technology Iran is responsible for finding countermeasures against the attack, told the agency that deals with new types of virus that continues to spread.

According to Iranian estimates, the attacks require a "big investment" on the part of foreign countries or organizations.

As reported, "Cursor", right behind the massive attack on the computer network Iran fixed attempt to bring down computers defense officials and government agencies in Israel.

To prevent similar incidents in the Shin Bet, created a special unit to combat cyber-terrorism.

According to a representative of this structure, samples of computer network attacks in Israel are collected once a day. The source declined to explain where exactly taken the attack, but stressed that the question is not about ordinary burglars, but a "whole countries."

Coupled with the fact the New York Times reported that attack on Iranian computer networks was made by self-replicating virus Stuxnet. According to the publication, the harm of the act of cyber-terrorism is comparable to the impact of the Israeli Air Force.

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