Iran obtained using UAV important information about the military capabilities of Israel

Iran using UAV Vehicle (UAV) has received early October the most important video information associated with the preparation of American and Israeli forces in joint exercises. This is now the British media said.

"Launched on October 6 in the morning from the south of Lebanon UAV for 3 h was in the air space Israel, until he was shot down Air Force in the north of the Negev ", — said the radio station now Bi-bi-si." Everybody says that, — emphasized in the radio commentary — that the Israelis were quite unprepared for a similar operation. "

In turn, the weekly "Sunday Times" said that the UAV was able to pull off "position ballistic missiles, major airports, too, can be the center of the nuclear reactor in Dimona."

According to the acquired edition disk imaging, the UAV is the latest modification of the apparatus of the Iranian "Shahid-129." UAV capable of without annoying to be in the air for 24 hours and cover the distance in two thousand miles was introduced last month in Tehran. According to British media reports, the UAV "Shahid-129" for the first time has been involved in the actual operation.

"Sunday Times" reports that the drone was launched from Lebanon "Spec Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Proparhav over the Mediterranean, he entered the air space Israel near the northern border of the Gaza Strip and headed to the nuclear center at Dimona, constantly passing the in-flight video. "The Israeli military circles said that UAVs used elements of" stealth "technology, which did not allow him to find a fit," — emphasizes the publication.

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