Iran plans to hold in September-October, major exercises with the participation of all the air defense of the army and the Corps Guardians of the Islamic Revolution

Iran will hold the following month on the Islamic calendar (September 22 — October 21) large air defense exercises with the participation of units of the army and the Corps 'Revolutionary Guards' (IRGC). This was stated today Iranian English TV channel Press TV.

"During the training, will be deployed all Iranian air defense system of the army and the IRGC," — highlighted in this context means the commander of air defense base "Khatam al-Anbiya," Brigadier General Farzad Ismaili. The purpose of the exercise — training of personnel for operations in the criteria of the crisis, he added.

Iran in late August, announced the introduction of a radar system that can track the movement of U.S. drones in the region. "Our country has a special radar that can find the seat of U.S. drone — said the commander of the North-East District Air Defense of the Islamic Republic of Abdullah Rashad. — If need be, they will be destroyed by the air defense complexes."

December 4 last year, local sources said that the Iranian air defense forces shot down a South American type of UAV RQ-170 "Sentinel" that violated the air space of the Republic to the east. Later it was reported that the drone was shot down, and the control over it intercepted Iranian life, then forced to land near Tabas desert in the south-east of the country, about 250 km from the border with Afghanistan.

Spent the first three days of July IRGC military exercises "Payyambare Azam Haft" ("Lofty prophet — 7"), during which the missile launches were made distant, intermediate and short-range actions. At the request of the Corps Forces Command aerospace, Iran possesses missiles with a range of up to 2000 km deeds.

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