Iran presented a new military hovercraft

In the Sun Iran revealed to the public produced in Iran new military ship hovercraft, the ceremony was the presentation of new items Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi, reported local agency Fars News.

The ship, under the title "Tondar" ("Thunderbolt") will hold a 2-versions — solutions for military transport tasks for combat operations.

Ship will carry various weapons — rockets, guns and even unmanned aerial vehicles.

"Tondar" can be used as a watchdog ship, as commander ship, for reconnaissance and combat and amphibious operations, as well as the health of the vessel for search and rescue operations, "- the words quoted Vahidi RIA" Novosti ".

In recent years, Iran working on creating a number of new weapons systems, with all this giving special attention to ballistic missiles and drones.

In October, Tehran announced the upcoming presentation shortly latest sea-launched cruise missile, "Kadeer."

Together with the fact the Western media was informed that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), headed by the commander Mohammad Ali Jafari Tipo developed a plan for the organization of environmental catastrophe in the Strait of Hormuz, she Tipo need for that with Iran were temporarily lifted international sanctions.

Meanwhile, on October 11 carrier battle group of the United States, led by the nuclear aircraft carrier "John Stennis" entered the zone of responsibility of the fifth operational fleet of naval forces of the USA.

In the area of responsibility of the 5th fleet includes Persian bay, And reddish Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden bay. According to the U.S. Navy at the present time in this region are the three American aircraft carriers, including the "Eisenhower" who, while on duty off the coast of Pakistan, engaged in the provision of air support to NATO troops in Afghanistan, and "Enterprise", which is in Gulf of Aden.

According to the Pentagon, in the carrier strike group aircraft carrier "John Stennis" includes the guided-missile cruiser, four destroyers and attack nuclear submarine.

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