Iran pulls out a trump card out of the sleeve

At the celebrations dedicated to the anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran, President Ahmadinejad in the brightest colors promised in the most recent show "major achievements in the nuclear industry." With all of this each of the stakeholders in the words of the Iranian president saw what was to behold. Western countries are also denounced Ahmadinejad's attempts to pressure the "free world." Iran suspected in the probability of obtaining high-powered nuclear weapons, which would eclipse all of its own power, which previously had ever produced on our planet flawed. But about finding Iran in the very threshold of obtaining nuclear weapons fore not all. Many have seen in the words of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad only test is the role of government in the Islamic Republic, which Tipo losing the support of the majority. Namely, the Israeli newspaper with the telling title "Ma'ariv" ("Evening Prayer"), suspected government Iran that they are losing control over the company, trying to identify their strength through demonstrative mottoes, is not confirmed by reality. Apparently, the "Evening Prayer" Israel just yet and is daydreaming about Iran's nuclear programs from insolvency. Well, how do you want to be here: on the one hand it is necessary to defend its national interests in the region, and on the other — to fight the South American taut leash that prevents collapse of Tel Aviv on a series of air strikes against Iran's nuclear facilities. There is only "pray" and is …

Ahmadinejad himself, speaking to tyschami Iranians, said Iranian people and the Iranian government does not allow the West to read with Iran from a position of strength. The audience, namely the South American showed downed drone as evidence of interference in the internal affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the appropriate response to this intervention.

The leitmotif of speech were the words of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that Iran will never give up uranium enrichment activities, which are focused only on the peaceful development of the country.

It is worth recalling that the Iranian nuclear saga began applets either now or yesterday. Those countries that are currently intensively trying to crush this program from using multi-stage sanctions and threats of military intervention, and they themselves have pushed Iran to the development of nuclear energy. It happened before the 1979 Islamic revolution, and specifically is at the far right now in 1967, when the United States handed over to Tehran first nuclear reactor. In consequence of active assistance in the construction of nuclear reactors provided Tehran Germany and France. Despite the fact that in 1970, Iran ratified the agreement on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, already in 1974, Iranian Shah Pahlavi, expressed the idea that Iran will no doubt have recently (at the time) will own this most nuclear weapon. From this statement of the Shah could come to the conclusion that Iran has received from the United States not only nuclear reactor, and was preparing to get certain technologies that can lead to the creation of a nuclear bomb. In other words, the story of the U.S. Iran 60-70-ies of the last century, the government, which could enter into nuclear club on the criteria of white houses. True, after the loud expressions of Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Americans woke up and, in all likelihood, bezotstupno recommended the Shah of Iran not to make the audience so sonorous facts.

Before the overthrow of the Shah Pahlavi of Iran received several nuclear reactors. But after the Islamic revolution in 1979, without exception, the Iranian applets associated with both peaceful and not entirely peaceful atom were curtailed. Over the next 13 years the situation with the resumption of Iran's nuclear programs from further words did not reach until it had signed an agreement with Russia to resume the activities associated with this applets.
That's where the West suddenly and saw the government in Iran, which vsekrete from Washington is going to acquire a nuclear weapon. Such "suspicion" on the part of Western countries once again they say that the cooperation of the West in the 70s with Tehran was of a very multi-character, which concerned not only the supply of "peaceful" nuclear reactors to Iran. After all, who would suspect a former partner in the work of the "gray" program that if he did not previously dealt with this partner the implementation thereof.

Since the beginning of the two thousandth, when the West realized that the control can be lost over Russia and, increasingly were voices that Iran's nuclear applets it's time to put an end once and for all. Iran offers "business agreement": say, if you are going to sell only the "peaceful atom", then you simply need to re-engage with the United States, abandoning the partnership with the Russian Federation. With these Russian, say, your peaceful atom bound to become a non-peaceful. But Iran torn the proposals that just rattled the "free country" and, above all, the United States and Israel. Things came to a never-ending string of sanctions against Tehran which should, in the views of the West to abandon its own "nuclear" plans.

Now, the West began to realize that the sanctions imposed so far can not lead to positive from his point of view the final, because often all in the Snow White House they say about the recent Iranian revolution. Frame on the ground there is more Iranian people openly dissatisfied with the policy of the current authorities.

In such a situation, we can expect that more recently, the United States in Iran will have its own "orange pile", which may try to destabilize the situation in the country following the example of the Libyan and Syrian "opposition" openly financed by the West. Now the "Orange provocation" — the real engine of American interests in the separate countries of the world combined. And that this engine is not earned on the terrain of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should get out of the sleeve trumps what he was, apparently, and proceeded.

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