Iran shows air power: Copies forsaken F-5

In the Islamic Republic Iran began the second stage of the large air force exercise "-3 Patrons of Heaven." According to the Ministry of Defense of Iran are participating in it, "designed and developed in Iran fighter-bombers Sa'eqeh ("Strike Thunder "). Iranians have made every effort to present veil of secrecy surrounded the project. They themselves say that the ability to" blow "," identical to the technical features of the South American fighter F-18 ". Aviation spices, adhere to, but somewhat different view. They point amazing similarity to "clap of thunder" with light fighter F-5 Northrop, the first flight took place in the distant 1959. Shah Iran received 140 aircraft of this type, 70 from their hitherto are in service. Photos, proudly published by Iranian news agencies, show not only bless the heroic pilots Iranian ayatollahs, and the tremendous poverty of equipment Iranian military aircraft.

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