Iran tests ballistic missile over-precision

Iran conducted tests of short-range ballistic missile Fateh-110 ("the Conqueror"), the fourth-generation refreshed guidance system, reports Reuters. According to Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi, Tests have proved the ability of modern missiles hit targets without deviations.

It is planned that in the future all new missiles produced by Iran, will be equipped with a guidance system such as that on Fateh-110.

According to Vahidi, which leads Sky News, only a few countries in the world possess technologies for the creation of similar guidance systems. The publication notes that the Pentagon in July 2012 reported on the significant progress made in the construction of Iran's missiles.

Fateh-110 represents ballistic missile low range with a radius of 300 km lesions. Rockets Fateh-110 different generations are in service in Iran since 2002. Tehran says rocket intended only for defensive purposes.

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