Iran tests missile capable to achieve locality of Israel

Iran conducted a successful test launch of "Kader" — one of the 2-range missiles distant act is to be commissioned on Mon. Firing conducted within large naval exercises held in the Strait of Hormuz.

"We have carried out missile tests" shore-to-sea "long range. Launched rocket killed the target, which is in the Gulf, "- said Mahmoud Mousavi, Iran's official dealer of the Navy, the local media.

Ballistic missiles of this type are capable of destroying targets located on the Israeli countryside, as the base of the United States in the Middle East.

"Assignment final stage of the exercise is to prepare the Navy for a confrontation during the fighting," — ITAR-TASS, the words Mousavi.

The naval exercise "Velayat-90", which will end on Mon, began on December 24. They occupy the waters of the Indian Ocean in 2000 square kilometers and stretches from the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Aden. In another part of the exercise will be launched missiles "Nur" distant radius of action (up to 200 km), and "Nasr" — anti-ship missile. In the production of the latest technology used by the Chinese. According to Mousavi on launches will follow the Syrian military delegation.

Iranian Navy for the first time held the doctrine holding such a vast area. Tehran claimed that these exercises are designed to show Iran's defense forces, the ability to produce military actions in international waters.

Earlier Iran in the exercise successfully tested new girl rocket "Surface-to-air" mid-range offense has been called "Mehrab". Also in Tehran announced the development of a fuel rod set up for a nuclear reactor. According to local media, at the moment of spices tests are conducted. The main aim of the tests is to determine if it is suitable for development use. With all this power emphasize that atomic energy will be used exclusively for peaceful purposes. But the United States and some Western countries are convinced that this statement is only a cover, and it is about nuclear weapons. Bark Obama, the U.S. president, has signed a new package of sanctions against Iran's economy.

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