Iran tests missiles

Iranian television showed the detailed survey conducted on August 20 of the first test firing of the latest ballistic missile. As reported by "Jane's Defence Weekly," missile "Kiam-1" (Qiam-1) is comparable in size to the "Shahab-2", which is a modified version of the North Korean missile R-17 (SS-1 "Scud-C").

Rocket armed with the engine on the watery fuel, has no tail stabilizers, wings and bow rudders and can have four small motor in the tail section for control on the original plot line of motion of the flight. According to the head of the Aerospace Industries (Aerospace Industries Organization) of the Ministry of Defence Iran General Seyyed Mehdi Farahi (Seyed Mehdi Farahi), it provides the highest flight speed and the ability to run "Kiam-1" with the introduction of different types of launchers.

The nose of the rocket has a shape similar to a rocket "Shahab-3", which allows us to represent the possibility of separating warhead in flight. Presumably rocket was launched from a mobile launcher, but it is not officially confirmed. If true estimates of the missile, "Kiam-1" is an updated version of "Shahab-2" length of 11.5 m, a diameter of 0.88 m and a launch weight of 6000-6200 kg. Estimated range of acts of this version is 500 km.

According M.Farahi, range act "Kiam-1"Can vary depending on which tasks and engage targets at different ranges in accordance with the programs of the flight. MoD representative said that it was developed with the introduction of stealth technology, and the time of its preparation for the launch minimized. Besides, August 25 held in Iran missile test short-range "Fateh 110" third generation.

According disk imaging agency "Fars" rocket is a mobile operational-tactical missile system with a high-precision single-stage solid-fuel missile, and improved navigation and control. The rocket was designed by the aerospace industry of the Ministry of Defense of Iran.

According to the Iranian English Channel disk imaging "Press TV", the length of the rocket is 9 m (29 ft), the starting weight — 3500 kg (7700 lbs). Earlier it was reported that range acts "Fateh-110" is 150-200 km. According to the Minister of Defense of Iran Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, the supply of "Fateh-110" The armed forces will begin in the middle of September.

In recent years, MO Iran announced harsh successes in the development of missile systems, including a two-stage solid-propellant ballistic missile "Sajjil" medium-range ballistic missiles "Shahab" (the radius of the acts of 2000 km), operational-tactical missiles "Zelzal" (act 200 km radius) and " Fateh. "

According to experts, often appearing in state media reports on the development and equipping of the Armed Forces with new types of weapons aimed at demonstrating the increased level of combat readiness of Iranian Armed Forces, which has become a constraining factor for the purposes of the United States and Israel to use force against Iran, which implements program from creation of nuclear weapons.

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