Iran threatens the RF Criminal Tribunal for refusing to supply S-300

The head of the National Security and the external affairs Iranian parliament Aladdin Borodzherdi said Iran Russia will submit to the tribunal if the refusal to supply the Islamic Republic of anti-aircraft missile systems With-300 remains in force, the Iranian agency ISNA.

"This issue will be resolved in the courts, and this case Our homeland Iran will have to pay for their own refusal befitting compensation. We pin our hopes that our homeland will fulfill its obligations ", — quoted as saying A.Borodzherdi.

A few of days earlier, Iranian Defense Minister General Ahmad Vahidi has criticized the address of, the other day, refused to make the delivery of anti-aircraft missile system S-300 of the Islamic Republic. He said that the Russian side must comply with terms of the agreement, signed in 2007.

A.Vahid also stated that Our homeland humbles himself, following the lead of international society and giving up on supplies. "Our homeland must show that it has the independent point of view in regard to relations with other states and other international issues, "- said the head of the defense department. At the same time the representative of the Iranian government also tried to downplay the significance of the failed deal, saying that it" is not important principle, "since Iran be able to do the same complex in the future.

Recall the UN Security Council on June 9, 2010. took the latest, fourth sanctions resolution against Iran. New sanctions were supported by Russia and China, they anticipate expanding embargo against Tehran on trade instrument. Namely, Tehran was forbidden to buy languid arms, including anti-aircraft missile systems With-300.

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